Azure’s Release Date, How to Prepare, and More

You heard us right yet again. Soon, you’ll be able to finish the story of the Crossbell arc. The Geofront’s localization of The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure will release on Saturday, May 22nd, 2021.

What You Need

First, you will need to supply ONE of the following:

  • The BG_setup.rar file for Joyoland’s Ao no Kiseki in Chinese.
  • A previously existing installation of Ao no Kiseki in Chinese without the Geofront mod installed.
  • A physical copy of Ao no Kiseki in Chinese released in Mainland China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong.

Players that do not own a physical copy are encouraged to purchase their license for Ao no Kiseki on Joyoland’s website via PayPal. The link HERE will take you to a post from last year explaining the process which has been updated with a visual guide. The Geofront does not condone piracy and isn’t liable for anyone that owns Ao no Kiseki digitally without purchasing the license.

If you require the BG_setup file, it can be downloaded HERE (third-party hosting provided by Joyoland) or HERE (via These are the only two hostings the Geofront claims as trustworthy. Third parties may choose to also host the setup file for the convenience of fellow fans. However, we will be unable to police this practice and verify the game’s authenticity beyond these two hostings.

The Geofront has no plans to support any version of Ao no Kiseki that isn’t the Joyoland PC port released in Chinese. This includes the original on PSP, Ao no Kiseki: Evolution on PSVITA, and the coming Ao no Kiseki: Kai Steam port by Clouded Leopard Entertainment.


You will find a zip file containing all sorts of useful goodies HERE. For media personnel, there are high-resolution screenshots and a press release included. For fans, you will find a plethora of Trails to Azure wallpapers, as well as assets that can be used when adding the game to your Steam or GOG Galaxy libraries. (The assets will also be provided with the game’s installation, but you can get a headstart if you want.)

Additionally, today we are opening an official Geofront Discord server for fans to join, but remember to follow the rules! You can join HERE. Come by to chat about the games, ask questions, and get to know us better. We’re all busy individuals, though, and it’s not as though we have a PR wing running these sorts of things, so do be patient with us.

Trails from Zero Version 1.1.1

We also released an update for Zero today. Yes, I know we said the curtain was closed on Zero, but there were some outstanding text bugs to fix caused by the jump to a new platform, some lines that were revised, and additional changes to coincide with the PC release of Trails of Cold Steel IV. Additionally, some graphics were updated and one new feature from Azure was backported…but we’re not going to say what it is! You’ll have to update Zero for yourself to find it, or you can always wait until later this week when we go into deeper detail about all of Azure’s features.

See You Soon

In just a few days, mine and my team’s lives will change forever once more. Thank you for being patient with us, and I hope Azure lives up to all of your expectations. I would like to think that after over a year of tireless work, we have successfully done my favorite game of all time justice. I truly believe we left no stone unturned in localizing Azure. This is our love letter to not only the Trails series but our predecessors who localized these games before us and those who will continue to localize them after us.

Thank you once again, and for one final time: Please look forward to the Geofront’s release of Trails to Azure.

8 Replies to “Azure’s Release Date, How to Prepare, and More

  1. I’m so excited!!

    Can you please publish the checksums for the BG_setup.rar file that you are expecting so that we can confirm that we have a correct/working copy of it? I’ve got mine, but it would be great to have something to cross check them against.

    MD5: 628d24cd12e7769c5307e711bdcddcc6
    SHA1: 70a0e1b6d523e96aed91e4a0ab10a785784ddcc2
    SHA256: 7ed1417e84c170a4e0f9dddb549269f15deef3ee48c6249592437df632d88ef5

    1. Here’s what I got from the ‘’ link posted above:

      File: BG_setup.rar
      CRC-32: 7662d11c
      MD4: 2032837f9abdcca99a6332306797443c
      MD5: 628d24cd12e7769c5307e711bdcddcc6
      SHA-1: 70a0e1b6d523e96aed91e4a0ab10a785784ddcc2

      (Also, 7-zip reported the archive having no errors)

  2. Thank you so much for making this dream come true =) I applaud your selflesness, sacrifice, effort and passion, so vividly displayed in the completion of this long and hard project! You are truly heroes of this community!

  3. I can’t wait to play it!!!
    But i can’t understand how to buy it. I mean, i’ve read the guide for joyoland and it seems not too complicated, but in the end you suggest to not activate it. What i must do then?

    1. Buying a legit copy. Nothing else, the install Geofront provide should bypass the Joyoland authentication. Basically it a moral decision. From what I understand, at least.

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