Ys vs. Trails in the Sky


Translation - Complete!
Editing Pass 2 - Complete!


Downloads will be available here once the patch has been completed.


The Geofront V Sector is currently working on Ys vs. Trails in the Sky

  • Project Lead, Graphics Editor: eLTeh
  • Co-Project Lead, Lead Editor: AnonymusAxolotl
  • Editor: SlyGamer64
  • Lead Programmer: HidoranBlaze
  • Lead Translator: Shawn Cox
  • Programmer, Non-Scenario Editor: EnDavio
  • Video Editor: Choojermelon
  • Programming Help: Ribose

And the rest of the Geofront team for chipping in with help every now and then!

Thanks to the old team:

  • Contributor: flamethrower2
  • Scenario Editor: Derek Heemsbergen

Super special thanks to our testers:
Addaberry, Ribose, Matthew Finch, MisterJRPG, NotAFakeName, Schtoltheim, Straylize, and Xylo73

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