Ys vs. Trails in the Sky


100% complete.


Use the patcher program to automatically download and apply the correct patch for your ISO, OR download the standalone delta designed for the UMD physical rip of the game (use any xdelta program).

The other downloads are the HD texture pack (use with any release of PPSSPP) and the multiplayer pack of PPSSPP emulators (use with Parsec).


The V Sector released Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga on October 16th, 2021.

  • Project Lead, Graphics Editor: eLTeh
  • Co-Project Lead, Lead Editor, Graphics Editor: AnonymusAxolotl
  • Editor: SlyGamer64
  • Lead Programmer: HidoranBlaze
  • Lead Translator: Shawn Cox
  • Programmer: Ribose
  • Programmer, Non-Scenario Editor: EnDavio
  • Video Editor: Choojermelon/Theaggyyu

And the rest of the Geofront team for chipping in with help every now and then!

QA Testers

Addaberry, ArcZeum, Korzic, Lennyoh, LucidValkyrie, Matthew Finch, MisterJRPG, Nezumi, NotAFakeName, Schtoltheim, ShinKiseki, Snigs, Straylize, Velorien, and Xylon73

Thanks to the old team:

  • Contributor: flamethrower2
  • Scenario Editor: Derek Heemsbergen

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