The Geofront V Sector Opens! Introducing Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga!

Illustrated by eLTeh

Hello, detectives-turned-Xanadu’s-warriors! Welcome back to the Geofront! What’s that? You don’t know what Xanadu is? Of course, It must be Galsis’ influence!

…Corny joke aside, hello there, everyone! You must be awfully confused as to what this is, right? V Sector? The heck even is that? Where’s Azure? Well, to answer that last question…!

…No plans at this time.

Sorry for being a tease, folks. But no, this post is not an announcement for Trails to Azure or other projects from the Zero team. We’ll address those possibilities later on in the post. But don’t click away just yet! We still got another important announcement for you all! Let’s talk about what the heck the V Sector is! 

A few months ago, a team of dedicated Falcom fans assembled to try and bring you all a fan localization of the now called Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga. You may have heard of us already, but if you didn’t…uh, hi! We’re that team! At the beginning, we were working independently, but everything changed when the Geofront nation attacked. We got in contact with the Geofront team, and they decided to take us under their wing. So now we’re a part of the Geofront!

You know what that means? Well, Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is now the second official Geofront project! Hooray!

Now before we talk a little bit about ourselves, we want to address other potential concerns and questions you might have. 

“Why are you joining the Geofront?”

Well, it provides us with opportunities to collaborate with the members of the Trails from Zero team. We’ve received a lot of guidance from them, and they provided us with technical assistance and other resources, such as the style guide that they used. Several members on the Zero team have even expressed interest in helping test the game and offering suggestions to polish the script to a mirror shine! 

We also share a common goal with the Zero team: We want to provide you all with high quality fan localizations for Falcom’s unreleased titles in the west. This arrangement helps us to collaborate more effectively to carry out the mission of the Geofront. They have also allowed us to use their platform to share our project with you all, and we are humbled that they have given us this opportunity. The Zero team has been assisting us every step of the way, and we want to thank them for all of the help they are giving us.

“When will this come out?” 

Well, uhh…we’re not gonna make any promises right now. It’ll be done when it’s done! We are currently 40% of the way through our first editing pass. But don’t worry, Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is a much shorter game than Trails from Zero, and we’re chugging along at a reasonable pace. We still have plenty of work to finish before we’re done, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. 

Before we continue, we’ll pass the mic to Scott to address a few things that need to be…addressed! Take it away!

A Message from Scott

Greetings, all. My name is Scott, or as you may know me from Twitter or YouTube, KillScottKill. I represent what we at the Geofront refer to as the C Sector: the team responsible for bringing you Trails from Zero. I’m sure this announcement has left you with questions. Did Ys vs. Trails in the Sky impact Zero’s development? Does this mean Geofront isn’t doing Azure or another Falcom game? Let me answer those.

No, Ys vs. had no adverse effect on Zero’s development. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many members of the V Sector went on to become late-stage testers of Zero and helped that game release in the best possible state it could back on March 14th.

As for any other potential projects, no, they’re not affected by Ys vs. Trails in the Sky at all. As you can see from the composition of the V Sector’s team, the two of us are separate–two different sides of the same coin. The Zero team has been providing feedback along the way, and will be returning the favor with testing.

I know you all will continue to have questions about the Geofront doing Trails to Azure someday. The timing of Zero and Ao Kai’s releases in Japan have certainly complicated things, just as Ao PC’s elusive history has. Unfortunately, just as it was leading up to Zero’s release, the answer is that there are no plans at this time and we have nothing to announce regarding Azure or any other project…yet. I can promise you that in the coming months, the Geofront will have something to say about the next project the C Sector is working on after Ys vs. Trails in the Sky. I hope you’ll look forward to it. 

Thanks, Scott! That helped clear things up. Now, I say we take the chance to introduce the V Sector properly!


The Team

   Hey, I’m LT, and I’m the team lead and graphic editor for this project. I do graphic editing for the menus, tutorials, character bios, and a few other miscellaneous images. This project has grown a lot since its humble beginnings, and I hope we’ll be able to put out a great fan localization!

   Hello, true believers! I’m Shawnji, the lead translator for the project, and I’ll keep my introduction brief for now. I’ll be working hard to get the remaining text translated and into the hands of our capable editors. See you soon!

  Hello there, dear readers. Livi here! My position on the team is that of Lead Editor, and it has been like that since the project’s very messy inception. I want to provide you all with the highest quality localization I can offer, especially when both Ys and Trails are very beloved series I hold close to my heart.

  Hi everyone! My name’s Sly, and I’m a co-editor for this project. I’ve edited the game’s victory quotes, and I’m poring through the game’s scenario script. And uhh, I’m kinda locked in my closet right now. And Livi swallowed the key! Guess I can’t really do much else other than edit–oh wait we had a character limit for these, shi

  Hello! My name is EnDavio, and I’m one of the two programmers for this project. I’m mainly working on the menu text. I’m putting my heart in this translation to deliver the best fan localization we can. I hope you all have fun with our Ys Vs. Trails in the Sky project!

  Hey folks, HidoranBlaze here, and I’m part of the programming team for this project.  I’ve generally been working on graphics insertion and script insertion. I’ll do my best to put out a quality fan localization that people will enjoy. Please look forward to our project!

  Hi there! I’m Chuji, and I joined the project just recently! I’ve been working on video editing tasks, such as getting the new logo to display in the intro movie. My friends all know me as the biggest Falcom shill who ever lived, and the Western Falcom community wouldn’t be the same without its localization projects, so I’m thrilled to be a part of one!


Well, that about covers it! Please look forward to Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga! We provided a few screenshots for you below so we can flex our current build a little (Though if there’s any mistakes, blame Sly because it’s probably his fault~). 

We also uploaded the game’s opening to the Geofront channel, courtesy of Chuji. It even has our fancy new logo! Check it out here: 

Aaaaand that’s all we got. See you soon!

8 Replies to “The Geofront V Sector Opens! Introducing Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga!

  1. Eyyy~ it’s great to see some brand new members of the Geofront Team!
    As much as I suck at this game I would be willing to give it another shot once you guys are done with it.
    As always, Godspeed everyone, hope y’all safe during the ongoing epidemic and don’t forget to take your vitamins!

  2. Aw man, I’m excited! I’ve been watching the Geofront team tackle Zero on this site for a while now, so it’s cool to see them expand and take on a new project.

    Hoping against all odds that the next project will be Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II.

  3. Hello and Thank You! I love how this place finished doing me the biggest favor I ever wanted, and then immediately you guys materialize out of the Ether to give me an almost as big a favor, but also one that I didn’t even know existed!!!

    So really, thanks so much for taking up this torch, and I look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labors! You guys are Awesome!

    I’ve used a lot of exclamation points here. I think I’ll pad it out with some more calm, inquisitive sentences now. So, how about all those scenic vistas in the various Zemurian nations, yeah? Gorgeous land on that continent…

  4. I just finished playing your localization of Zero No Kiseki. I am now starting to play Ao No Kiseki. You have done such an amazing job with Zero. You’ve really spoiled us with your work. It makes me wish that you had worked on Ao first now. Playing the existing translation of Ao No Kiseki is playable but such a letdown after seeing the work you have done on Zero. Thanks so much for doing what you do at this level of quality. Falcom really should be paying you guys IMO! I really hope Ao is on your “To-Do” list eventually.

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