About The Teams

The Geofront is a group of fans dedicated to bringing unlocalized Falcom games to Western audiences at the highest possible quality. The group consists of a wide range of talented people, each contributing to the success of these demanding endeavors.

There are currently two teams, C Sector and V Sector.

The Geofront: C Sector

Trails to Azure

The C Sector is currently working on The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure.

  • Lead Programmer: JoseJL
  • Programmer: Ribose
  • Lead Translator: Catasplurge
  • Translator: Gu4n
  • Translator: Shawn Cox
  • Translator: Ravan
  • Lead Editor: KillScottKill
  • Editor: Arvin
  • Editor: Zerker
  • Editor: Addaberry
  • Graphics: Sorcerian
  • Video: Choojermelon

Logo by Marco Ruggiero

Based on the original translation by:

  • Lead Translator: Guren
  • Translator: KOL
  • Lead Programmer, Translator: flamethrower2
  • Translator: Kitsune

Trails from Zero

The C Sector released The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero on March 14th, 2020. The patch can be found on the downloads page.

  • Project Lead, Lead Editor: Zerker
  • Editor: Arvin
  • Editor: Twililord
  • Editor: KillScottKill
  • Lead Programmer: JoseJL
  • Programmer, Test Lead: Ribose
  • Translator: Catasplurge
  • Contributor: Gu4n
  • Website Administrator, Contributor: Floofy
  • Contributor: Yotaka
  • Graphics, Video: Sorcerian
  • Graphics, Contributor: Addaberry

Opening video by DrCullenPHD & _seaPancake
Logo by SkyeWelse

A super special thanks to all of the testers!

Based on the original translation by:

  • Project Lead: zero_g_monkey
  • Lead Translator: Guren
  • Programmer: flamethrower2
  • Translator: Yangxu

The Geofront: V Sector

Ys vs. Trails in the Sky

The V Sector is currently working on Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga.

  • Project Lead, Graphics Editor: eLTeh
  • Co-Project Lead, Lead Editor: AnonymusAxolotl
  • Editor: SlyGamer64
  • Lead Programmer: HidoranBlaze
  • Lead Translator: Shawn Cox
  • Programmer: Ribose
  • Programmer, Non-Scenario Editor: EnDavio
  • Video Editor: Choojermelon/Theaggyyu

And the rest of the Geofront team for chipping in with help every now and then!

QA Testers:

Addaberry, LucidValkyrie, Matthew Finch, MisterJRPG, NotAFakeName, Schtoltheim, ShinKiseki, Straylize, and Xylon73

Thanks to the old team:

  • Contributor: flamethrower2
  • Scenario Editor: Derek Heemsbergen