About The Team

The Geofront is a group of fans dedicated to bringing the Crossbell duology to Western audiences. As of now, the team is focusing on Trails from Zero, the first in the pair of games. After it reaches completion, work will begin on Trails to Azure.

The team consists of a wide range of talented people, each contributing to the success of this demanding endeavor.


Zerker (Project Lead, Lead Editor)
Arvin (Editor)
Gu4n (Contributor)
Floofy (Website Administrator, Graphic Editor)
Yotaka (Contributor)
JoseJL (Lead Programmer)
Ribose (Test Lead, Programmer)
Catasplurge (Editor, Translator)
Twililord (Editor)
Sorcerian (Graphic Editor, Ending Video)

Opening video done by DrCullenPHD & _seaPancake
Logo done by SkyeWelse
Cursors and some graphics done by Addaberry

It is extremely important to stress that the Geofront’s Trails from Zero project is based on the Guren’s translation and the work done by the first Zero team. It’s the Geofront’s job to take this base translation and edit it to a form that reaches the standard set for Trails games in the West. The team’s work could not have been done without the time and hard work put into the translation. The members of the the first team can be found below.

Original Translation Team

zero_g_monkey (Project Lead)
Guren (Lead Translator)
flamethrower2 (Programmer)
Yangxu (Translator)