Trails from Zero to Eighty

Hey there, prospective detectives! Zerker and the Geofront gang are here to provide you with another Trails from Zero update! It’s been a minute, but we have plenty to show off this time around!

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Trails from Zero: Scenario, Text, and Treasure

Hello bracers, priests, nuns, students, and soon-to-be detectives!

This post is going to be different from a progress report this time around. Today it’s Ribose here instead to talk about the game’s text in great detail. I also have a fun little thing to unveil, so if you like treasure and don’t like technical details, skip to the end!

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Trails from Zero: 70%

Post Music:

Hey, everyone! As you’re well aware, this marks another ten percent done in the first editing pass of Trails from Zero. However, this progress report is a bit more special than the others. Zero’s script is split up into four spreadsheets, and, now, we’ve managed to complete three out of the four. That’s pretty insane. Everything outside of Crossbell City has been edited, which just blows my mind.

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Trails from Zero: One Year Later


Well, that’s one year gone by since I joined the project. It’s hard to believe, really. When I sent the fateful message to Gu4n on Discord, I genuinely didn’t expect anything to come of it. But, on 6/4/2017, I was pinged from a channel in the Falcom Discord I wasn’t familiar with, and the rest is history.

Working on this project continues to be one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn’t ask for a better team, and I know that we all want people to be able to play, enjoy, and love Zero as much as we do. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this game really is something special. The cast, the story, the soundtrack – everything is perfect.

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[Admin] One More Privacy Policy Post, About Us, & More

Yes, I may have actually edited the in-game image for a stupid featured image for one post.

As much of the internet has since realized and meme’d to hell and back, there was a major disturbance in tubes in the form of the EU’s GDPR- a new privacy regulation that is changing how websites are to operate across the net.

While for sites like Geofront, this is not a massive change, it is a change that I’ve been eyeing carefully for quite some time now, as this is my real life work, too. So in an effort for my websites on to maintain a particular ‘professionalism’ to them, I’ve not only drafted up a privacy policy for it, but I’ve sought out methods to ensure all four sites hosted on it are GDPR compliant, much like other commercial sites that are required to do so.

This has also driven in a bit of an overhaul of the backend of the website, on top of some new additions- especially one that had been in the works since the day the site opened and never finished: a page about the team as a whole, revealing everyone who is involved and has been involved in the game’s translation. You might have noticed this being added and something missing from the menu.

So without further ado, jump into the cut to see the details of changes that have happened to the page in the past few weeks.

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[Admin] General Website Update

Hey, guys!

Just letting you know that I’ve been doing some work on the backend of the site today. I’ve had a socializer login for awhile running on the website, where you can utilize your social media accounts to create an account on the site.

That went down for a bit in the past week or so, because Facebook made an update to their API that changed my requirements and it broke the Facebook size of the social login system. In the process of repairing it, I discovered that Google made some changes as well to make the setup for a G+ login more restrictive than the past, so I removed that entirely.

You can still use Facebook and Twitter from the old setup.

However, to make up for the loss of G+, I have also integrated Steam and Twitch login systems to the site as well.

And as always, you can read up on the site’s privacy policy here. I won’t be using your info for ulterior motives or selling it, etc etc. The usual legalese for something of this sort.

Additionally, I have plans to allow you to use multiple commenting systems in the future. Currently, you can use the WordPress comments and Facebook- but I am exploring options to include Disqus in the list.

Feel free to respond here, or ping me on twitter if you have questions or run into issues with the site since this change.

EDIT: I’ve been doing more CSS tweaks around the site. These are mostly small cosmetic details that you may not notice. Please let me know if something looks janky or broken.

Trails from Zero: 60%

Hello, everyone! Once again, I’m here with news of another 10% done on the editing of Trails from Zero. Quite a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes aside from the editing, but don’t worry, I’ll get into that in a bit.

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Trails from Zero: 50%

With great pleasure, I can finally say that the Trails from Zero editing is at 50%.  Despite the longer gap between updates, progress continues to move forward, relentlessly.  I hope you enjoy the treat we’ve thrown together for this big milestone! For this update, I’m simply going to talk about the journey thus far and plans for the project.

Personal Thoughts

Sitting at my desk, I’m quite giddy at the fact that we’ve managed to get halfway through this massive, wonderful game.  It’s insane to think about how I managed to fall in love with this game, and somehow started working on bringing it to English. The whole experience is and continues to be a joy to work on.  Nothing is quite like working on a passion project with a group of friends.

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Trails from Zero: 40%

As the release date of Sen no Kiseki III draws near, we like share another milestone on the Trails from Zero project — 40%! — with you before our progress temporarily slows down to play the latest game in the series.

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The Characters of Trails from Zero

In a need to create content for this site, since it’s a bit difficult to really show stuff that’s happening on the back-end with spreadsheets and stuff. (looking at spreadsheets isn’t that very exciting for the whole progress aspect of things.) I’ve decided to give people a small preview of what to expect from the game by starting to translate the character page from Falcom’s official website for the game.

For now, I have the translated relationship chart, but in the future I will also be releasing the character profiles from the game soon. There may be a surprise along with them, as well!

The image is behind a cut in case you want to go in without any information on the characters, but this is pretty much what Falcom unveiled over time leading toward’s the game’s release in 2010.

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