The Dragon Slayer Board Game


This is a Steam Workshop item for Tabletop Simulator. You can get Tabletop Simulator here on Steam.

The Workshop page for Dragon Slayer Board Game can be found here. You just need to hit “+Subscribe” button.


  • Project Lead and Translator: Shawnji
  • Editor and Texture Designer: Addaberry
  • Graphic Design: Sorcerian
  • Programmer: Ribose
  • 3D Modeling: Rafinski (Instagram: rafetareig)
  • Video Editor: Choojermelon
  • Trailer Narration: Schtoletheim
  • Quick-Start Video Narration: Shawnji
  • Testers: Floofy, Graber, Matthew Finch, Choojermelon, and SlyGamer64
  • Special Thanks: Lily – Designer of Kraken Table

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