Trails from Zero Patch 1.0.2

Hello again! So, we’d hoped to have a smooth release. And, for the most part, it was pretty good! But, as you know, there were several typos and a range of technical issues. This patch should address the most major of issues: a memory leak that affects players after hours of play; certain subsets of players with certain configurations with flashing, freezing, and crashing; and cleaning up a couple unpolished features.

Have no fear! It’s the age of day one and continuous patching, so we’ve put together a patch to our patch to patch your lives up in this patchless time.

Update Details

This update should fix a lot of major technical issues that have been reported over the last month. It also includes fixes to a bunch of typos, as they always slip through. Click here for the downloads page, or at the top of any page.

For those of you with frequent crashing issues, please try disabling “Controller” > “Update on device change” in this new build. It is known that this doesn’t fix it for everyone, especially if your crashes seem specific to battle, but hopefully this helps some players.

For those of you who had issues installing the game on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Linux (under Wine), please try this updated build.

For Linux players especially, try running the installer and unchecking all dependency components after being sure DirectX 9, LAV Filters, .NET 4.7.2, and Visual C++ Runtime 2017 (x86 and x64) are available for the program.

To install the patch, download the installer again and run setup once more. Please note that all past and current save files will continue to function, so long as you keep track of your savedata folder.

Minimum Requirements

Based on the game’s minimum requirements (listed in the Japanese manual) and the overhead of the mod, here are what we believe to be the minimum requirements of the patched game.

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 1607+ (64-bit operating systems only!)
  • While 32-bit OSes may run the modified game, LAA (large address aware) is enabled on the EXE to better support 1440p and 4K display. The installer is 64-bit only. While the original game supported Windows Vista (it did not list support for Windows XP), we don’t have plans to test and determine what would be needed to keep that support.
  • CPU: As per the original: minimum: Pentium 4 1.3 GHz and up; recommended: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz and up
  • The mod shouldn’t require much more of a powerful CPU than those olden days.
  • RAM: 4 GB or more. While the original game required 1 GB or more, the overhead of the mod is around 400 MB, and Windows 7 and later started recommending 4 GB for basic operation.
  • Hard drive: 3.0 GB of space required.
  • 1.3 GB for the base game’ 650 MB for our English assets; and 900 MB for any “additional” features.
  • Display: 800×600 (32-bit color) and higher.
  • All the way up to 4K is supported with the mod, but it must be a 16:9 ratio (narrower adds letterboxing).
  • GPU: 512 MB of VRAM, supporting DirectX 9.0c and up.
  • Note that some players seem to be encountering frequent crashing with Intel GPUs and GPUs with a low amount of VRAM. The current suggestion is to be certain your computer meets these minimum requirements.
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Full Changelog


  • Fixed an issue where the mod was allocating extra resources on every PNG load, eventually leading to a memory leak characterized by white textures and a non-functional save menu (JoseJL).
  • Fixed an issue where the save menu would not function without the savefile game data folder (Ribose).
  • Fixed a crash if the message log is empty when opened (JoseJL).
  • Implemented the “auto-advance delay” setting into the UI and corrected its behavior. Now it properly delays the auto-advance by the given milliseconds, and it does not double advance (Ribose).
  • Fixed an issue where the targeting would get stuck in battle when playing with keyboard or controller. Previously, this was caused by the location of the mouse cursor over the units, and was thus mitigated by the player changing the battle rotation or moving the mouse (JoseJL).
  • Fixed 59 Hz display settings being stepped down to 30 FPS mode (Ribose).
  • The selection cursor animation is now affected by turbo in the save menu and message log (Ribose).
  • Improved rendering performance, especially for certain Intel GPUs (JoseJL).
  • Adjusted window render size failsafe to occur earlier, fixing ultrawide displays that would otherwise crash on first launch (5120×1440 has a dimension above 4096, the highest supported). Also fixes the rare potentiality of settings inconsistency on the first launch (Ribose).
  • Removed Tinyformat and use STB sprintf in most places instead, which should address a certain potential crash (Ribose).
  • Fixed the message log storing 501 items instead of 500, and more strictly remove items from it on load and adding items. Fixes a buffer overrun that was causing many items to appear to have a voice to play when they didn’t (Ribose).
  • Implemented a new setting under “Controller” called “Update on device change”. For players with wireless Xbox controllers and certain other controllers that are experiencing frequent brief freezes or crashes, try disabling this setting and only manually updating your controllers using the “Update” button (Ribose).
  • Fixed an instance of Lloyd being voiced in both “included” and “additional” voice acting when both are enabled during the first scene in Central Square (Ribose).
  • Fixed the movie_evo support not scaling the video or subtitles properly (Ribose).
  • Fixed and simplified the Dpad and analog stick input code. Controller field movement should now be actually 360 degrees like mouse movement is (Ribose).
  • Stripped out the Tinyformat library. The mod now uses STB sprintf() everywhere it can. This may fix crashes for some players when they try to open the Options menu (Ribose).
  • Fixed a resource leak that leads to crashing after a shimmer effect (JoseJL).
  • Minor adjustments to improve save menu performance on non-solid state drives (Ribose).

English Files

  • Subtitle timing has been adjusted on the movie_evo ending video to match where Cerulean Blue Romance actually plays (Ribose).
  • Ending movie has been updated to the latest version (Sorcerian).
  • A number of typos, grammatical issues, translation issues, and text errors have been corrected (KillScottKill, Catasplurge, Ribose).
  • An unimplemented Japanese string in the scenario and another in the monster unit files has been corrected (Catasplurge, Ribose).
  • Missing translated textures were added for the EXTRA character menu and Camp Menu (Sorcerian).


  • The installer should now update its visual state when it completes, and should not freeze while copying large files.
  • The installer now sets the correct uninstall registry key for the original FSetup5 program to still attempt an uninstall.
  • Fixed a cryptic error that can occur if the ED_ZERO.exe isn’t in the default location and an upgrade is attempted.
  • Implemented an uninstall option to the installer itself. The intended procedure to uninstall the modified game is to: (1) Click File > Uninstall. (2) Follow the prompts. (3) Go to Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall the ZeroLauncher program.
  • The installer should now gracefully handle invalid registry values.
  • The installer should warn and prevent installation in the root of the filesystem, or without a FALCOM outer folder. This is required for the FSetup5 uninstall program.
  • The installer should now detect giving it the zero_w8/ED_ZERO/ED_ZERO executable and switch to the zero_w8/FSetup5 install-from-media procedure (should work for physical Zero as well).
  • The installer should accept Visual C++ Runtime status codes 3010 (“restart required”) and 1638 (“newer version present”) as success. After all, these mean VC++ is already installed in some form, which is enough for the mod.
  • Updated a lot of strings on the installer for consistency.
  • Corrected the positioning of various graphics and labels on the installer, and the scaling of graphics on high DPI displays.
  • Added a component selection for players to skip reinstalling components that they know they already have. This should be particularly useful for Linux players.
  • Added Visual C++ Runtime (x64) for the xdelta3.dll install step to function.
  • The installer is now targeting .NET 4.7.2, as this is the lowest I would take it to keep DPI support, native ZIP decompression support, and C# tuple support.
  • The installer is now 64-bit only since the xdelta3.dll install step requires it.
  • The installer may be run from the Application Files folder without modifying file extensions. The install step is intended to be a lightweight method to make sure the .NET Framework is installed for the program, and to add it to the start menu for convenience. It can function on its own without those conveniences, as long as the .NET Framework is installed.

56 Replies to “Trails from Zero Patch 1.0.2

  1. >Fixed an issue where the targeting would get stuck in battle when playing with keyboard or controller. Previously, this was caused by the location of the mouse cursor over the units,

    I’ve had the same problem in Ao No Kiseki, good to know. Would you perhaps consider opening an issue for SoraVoice or some other appropriate repo on github describing the patch(s) needed to fix a few of the smaller problems?

    Thank you for your efforts.

  2. I’ve tried to download several times, using both servers, and it always stops @ 5% saying “Server Error.” Anyone have this issue or know how to fix it?

    1. I have pinpointed it to 73.9 MB is where is stops every time. I remember having problems DLing the original patch too but I think it was much smaller and I got lucky at some point. This one is DLing so low it says it will take 2 hours and usually never makes it past 10 minutes.

  3. Great work guys, Thank you very much!
    >Fixed and simplified the Dpad and analog stick input code. Controller field movement should now be actually 360 degrees like mouse movement is (Ribose).
    I’m using a DS4 controller with DS4Windows and everything working fine except when I try to move north-west by using the analog, Lloyed and company then start stuttering and changing from a running animation to a walking one, with the D-pad it doesn’t happen, only with the analog. This patch fixed it and my point is, actually now I’m also doing my 2nd play through of Cold Steel 1 on PS4 and the exact same problem up above happen on CS1 on my PS4 and unfortunately there’s no patch for it QQ!!!
    I don’t have to mention that I did suspect my controller first but then all of my pc games and PS4 games work fine with it. So I’m pretty sure that this problem is kinda inherent to Falcom porting the trails games to PC/PS4 as it is too much of a coincidence for it to happen on both Zero no Kiseki (which you guys actually fixed, kudos to you!!) and Trails of Cold steel 1 PS4…

    1. Generally, it should detect previous installs. If it isn’t and you know where the game is currently installed, you should be able to direct it to that ED_ZERO.exe in order to update. It should update the single registry entry and replace our updated files.

  4. So after patching it, first thing I do is check the options to see if anything is different. It says my resolution is set to 1400×900 but everything looks 1080p, and when I change it to 1920×1080 it’s definitely not. I think some of the resolutions have been named wrong in the options.

    1. This is a display issue in the new build. If your graphics device reports your resolutions in non-increasing order, then the UI does not match the setting. It seems most reports of this are encountering 1400×900 / 1440×900 below 1920×1080, and while this makes no logical sense, I tried to solve it by sorting the entries. Clearly, I forgot to sort the display the same way. You should still be able to find the desired resolution, often one off of what you want. If all else fails, you may use the config.ini file to set it.

      1. Yeah, it just confused me a little. It kept my previous settings and had the right resolution, just calling it 1440×900 threw me off. So far my old saves work, that’s good because I’m on the Finale chapter and it would suck to have to do my Nightmare run over. The one thing I’ll be on the lookout for is the battle cursor glitch, that’s the only thing I noticed as an issue with the previous patch.

  5. Still having issues with the walking. I need to hold the 2x turbo to make it seem “normal”
    I have an integrated graphics card, but the old translation works fine with my system. Here’s what I got
    AMD A6-6310 CPU with 1.8 GHz speed
    AMD Radeon R4 Graphics Card
    8GB of RAM (which isn’t overloaded when running the game)
    Is there any way you could make the turbo able to be toggled instead of having to hold the button, or options I could toggle to decrease the lag when running/walking?

  6. Honestly I hadn’t noticed any issues with the original version! Playing on Windows 10 laptop hooked up to a 43 inch telly, works fine. Update of the patch works fine too.

    Appreciate this isn’t technical feedback, but I’m literally playing the game now – on Chapter 3 and just laughed when I noticed that even the banners on the SSS building were translated to say ’70th Crossbell Anniversary’!

    It’s the little details, as well as the professional polish, that are just really, really outstanding. Even if it goes pear-shaped at some point, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this game up to now, and I owe it to you guys; Thank You.

  7. so I havent updated yet im in the final chapter final boss fight and it keeps crashing during the 2nd form of the 2nd fight during unholy trinity attack will this update fix that? and will i be able to keep my current saves if i update or do i have to start a new game?

    1. I’m not at all affiliated with the Geofront team, but my update didn’t delete my saves. Not sure if it will fix your problem, but it may be worth a shot.

  8. I want to thank you guys with this update I was able to finish the game. I truly am amazed by the quality of your work and I thank you for the experience. it was an amazing game now off to find AO on the ppsspp anyone know of a ppsspp save of this game to transfer to new game of AO

    1. hey guys if anyone was looking for a clear save data to be able to transfer to AO you can get it from gamefaqs website and AO english patch is available at cdromance site again thank you to the team for the amazing work and you can bet ill be supporting falcon if they release the ps4 version of zero and AO on another note COLD STEEL 4 coming this FALL to the US!!!!!!

  9. May I suggest a little additional feature for future updates?
    Yesterday I tried to reinstall zero using your installer but didn’t find an option to change the installation directory like the one the original japanese installer has (so my installation ended in the default C:\Falcom\ED_Zero directory instead of my usual C:\Games\ directory), could you please add that feature in V 1.03?

    1. If you install from media or the digital installer, it’ll give you the ability to choose the game directory.

      If you are reinstalling using ED_ZERO.exe as the target, it won’t be moving files that are already there (such as save data, config, and anything you’ve added). So, it won’t give you the ability to change the game directory that way.

      If you want to do that, I suggest moving the game folder to where you want, then reinstalling using the ED_ZERO.exe. It should set the path to the new location during reinstall.

  10. I missed the doctor glenn book 7 and i’ve heard that was the only place and time you can get it. my auto saves don’t roll back far enough, is there any way I can get that book?

    1. Nah, you’re screwed, I was in the same boat. Books 6 and 7 are missable, don’t appear in the shops. They are really sneaky about it too, because I was someone who talked to EVERY NPC when they changed dialogue, but those books have to be gotten when no one’s dialogue has changed EXCEPT the one person with the book. So you figure when everyone is saying the same lines, “Oh, nothing new to read yet,” but without a guide you would have to reread every single old line over again until you stumble upon the guy with the book. It’s not really possible to get all the secrets on a blind 1st playthrough, good thing is NG+ is fast with the Turbo and with a guide and importing levels and stuff, you can blow through the game in short time and get all the secrets plus a bonus dungeon. Too bad I have to finally go back to work, Zero was my Covid jam…

  11. Hello I have a problem with the Speaker´s Mansion in Chapter 3.

    After the event with Garcia and Mariabell enter the mansion, the screen keeps black, music still playing. After some seconds I also can using the turbo mode but nothing else.

    Have somebody a save after that or know how to fix it?

    There is also a weird with a entry. On the right side at the second floor. When I enter the right door, screen also keep being black but I see the character portraits and I can for some reason attack and open the menu. Is there a dungeon?

  12. Oh I realize that that room I can´t enter is the same where the next scene plays. So I guess there is something wrong with some files I guess?

    OK I found the ISSUE!
    It was the file t117b.bin in the scena folder which seems corrupted. When I copy it there from the original japanese folder, it works (everything in this room is in japanese but thats ok I guess?)

    Could somebody send me a copy of a working english t117b.bin file please?

  13. Hi! I have an issue. Every time I try overwrite an existing save file the savefiles folder pops up.
    Discovered that it has something to do with controller mapping. Im using an xbox controller and tried mapping the controller to be like trails in the sky default. Everything was ok except when i try to save. Tried other presets(dualshock,generic) and there wasn’t an issue. Does someone know a fix? I think the “show in folder” during saving is the problem. Its key binding also changes. I really want to play using xbox preset. Thank you.

  14. Just wanted to say, the game runs smoothly on both Vista and XP. But the translation setup and the translated files won’t. I managed to try an already patched game for testing, the game runs fine but it remains in japanese for some goddamn reason. Again, I think the game is translated in a soft sub manner, one time the untouched japanese files are still there. I guess the only way to make it run on both Vista and XP is by somehow hard translating, like actually implementing the translation into the japanese files. Overwriting everything else that’s in japanese. That would mean re-doing lots of stuff and fixing lots bugs, so my hopes are dead to play this game any time soon. I can’t only imagine the effort you already put in this project, so my only hope is that you sell this to XSEED or some other company who is willing to go all over the trouble since you already done your part. Couldn’t have a worse time for this virus to strike.

  15. Just passing here to thanks everyone involved for making this real. You included so many opcional stuff and improvements that I think this surpasses a localization. Falcom should just buy the rights of this project and officially release it. For me it worked perfectly. Nice works guys and thanks!

  16. Guys, thank you very much for the great job! The game works flawlessly. A question – is it possible to play it with the Japanese text AND Japanese EVO voices on? It seems that the EVO voices are working only with the translated English text on…

  17. Just finished the game! There were some issues but overall great job!
    Just wanna ask if Ao no Kiseki is getting translated too? Thanks a bunch and more power! 😀

  18. Is there any chance for some refinements regarding 21:9 Ultrawide? The character dialogue boxes seem really really big.

    Thanks For Your Works none the less

  19. For some reason, the Evolution version of the soundtrack doesn’t play when I choose it in the menu. The music just cuts out altogether. I don’t believe the movie played either. Any ideas on what I could do to rectify this?

    Thanks for all you do, ladies and gentlemen.

  20. Hello, I was wonder if anyone can help me set-up my controller for trails from zero? I try changing the gamepad code in config .exe to no avail. Every time I launch the game the controller is pressing buttons on its own does anyone have a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance!

  21. Hello everyone,
    First of all an enormous ‘thank you’ for all the incredible work you do – not just quantity-wise but also quality-wise. Your love and care for this series is simply moving.

    Now to my question(s). I was perusing the comments for this post and the ones for version 1.0.1, but could not find references to my current issues. So allow me to list them here (and apologies if they were already mentioned and I missed them).

    1) Sometimes the selection field gets stuck in the ‘Save/Load’ screen: I cannot move it beyond the first slot (if I try, the selection simply goes back to the first slot). This happens with both mouse and controller. To ‘un-stuck’ it I try doing everything from going to other sections of the menu, entering a building, opening the map, etc. I’m not sure what actually works (maybe it’s random, maybe it just time).

    2) I can’t find a way to use my DualShock in wireless. It works without problems on Steam, but here I can only use it wired.

    3) Something strange happens with the framerate when moving around: it gets laggy, but I only need to open and close the chat-log to get back to a smoother framerate (that is, until it does it again, which is very often). I tried lowering the resolution, but it seems to happen even with low ones.

    I hope you’ll be able to help me. And thanks again!

  22. Can’t get anywhere in the game, once the intro video (I’m assuming that’s what it is) tries to fire up, the sound plays, but screen goes to black and nothing else happens. Game crashes once the music stops.

  23. It seems that the translation won’t load on Windows XP because of DINPUT8.DLL which in my guess is the file responsible for loading the translated files. Maybe there’s a workaround so it can be loaded on Windows XP? There are many versions of DINPUT8.DLL and the one used in this translation is certainly exclusive to be working with NET Framework 4.5 which ain’t supported by Windows XP(I think the latest Framework for Windows XP is 4.0). Maybe someone can look into that and bring up a christmas miracle. I’m dying to play this.

    1. NVM I don’t know these stuff but if I remember correctly directinput stuff is related to controllers like joypad. I have no idea why the translated files won’t load on Windows XP. Although I know PDB files ain’t compatible with Windows XP. The translation is based on NET Framework 4.5 which just ain’t compatible with Windows XP, period. I was reading the readme file and I see that this was translated based on the translation done over the chinese version of the game, which displays the same behavior on Windows XP(translated files won’t load). I’ll go there and just shoot myself in the head.

      1. .NET is only used for the launcher and not the game (known pain point that may be addressed soon). You can run the game once patched without the launcher, all it does is run the game and check/copy files in a convenient interface.

        We translated the Japanese PC release of the game, not the Chinese PC release.

        DINPUT8.dll is the entire mod and does much, much more than just “load the translation files.” We chose this form to hijack the DirectInput loading process without making modifications to the game’s EXE file. We do not have any plans to support Windows XP with either our mod or our launcher. Please upgrade to a supported operating system.

        1. I would have done if I could, but for that I would to have to upgrade my computer a lot. Things are chaotic in Brazil and I can’t even thinking spending on something like this. Thank you anyway.

          1. BTW I said the way the translation was done in the japanese is the same they used on the chinese game because it displays the same behavior, with difference that the game will remains in chinese there, while in japanese here.

  24. So thanks as always for your hard work and the patch.

    However, I have to ask about an issue I run into while installing. I am on Windows 10 for reference. I run the installer and try to install the game and the patch using the method prescribed of targeting FSetup5.exe. However I always run into an issue during the installation portion. While it is extracting files, 8/11, it will say it has an error copying some random file (it has changed each attempt so it really is just a random file among a variety). Any attempts to retry get another error ad nauseum. For reference I am 100% certain it is the installation of the game itself which is a problem because if I manually install the game through the same exe it will then give an error (which is unreadable because it’s in literal moonrunes, not japanese, which are incomprehensible).

    If anyone has had a similar issue or if the team reads this and knows some suggestions I would be more than happy to have an answer on what to do.

  25. Excellent work on patching the Evolution improvements into the game. From what little I’ve seen of your translation, it seems to be a very high quality too.

    However, I am using your patch to improve my Japanese language playthrough of the game and in doing so I’ve encountered a bug. It’s a simple one and a fixable one, but I’ll leave the details here for anyone else who might encounter it or in case you guys are ever updating the patch version:

    Basically if you have the display language set to Japanese, the first cutscene in Mainz tunnel won’t trigger. The knock on effect is that no further cutscenes down the path trigger either and certain things are missing from Mainz. I only noticed something was wrong when the village headman there would not talk to me, leaving me stuck. Anyone playing in full Japanese will likely be unable to progress the game at all from here unless they figure out how to fix it.

    It is completely fixable by switching display language to English, backing out of the tunnels to the mountain road map and re-entering. The cutscene and all subsequent ones then trigger. Immediately switching back to Japanese after that results in no further problems either.

    I’m setting aside a save game which should make this easily testable, so leave a reply if you need me to upload it or send it somewhere.

    1. Forgot to mention – in fact I forgot it was the case – but I’m using the script to fix Japanese script & EVO voices, as linked in the comment by Burgundy, so that may be related to the bug too.

  26. When I try to use the launcher to install the game through the DLsite files it keeps coming back with an error saying an attempt was made to move the position before beginning of the stream. Any knowledge on how to fix this issue?

  27. I am trying to play Zero no Kiseki in 4k mode on my monitor which is 4K able. However when I select the option on the resolution to use 4K, the window shrinks to a size about 1/8th the size of my monitor.

    Anyone have any advice how to fix this?

  28. Hey guys,the game runs fine but everytime I try to open the camp menu the game crashes,this seems to happen 100% of the time,is there a way to fix it? I’d love to play this game but it’s impossible without changing my equipment and saving manually.

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