Preparing for Trails to Azure: Road to the Future

When Trails to Azure was originally released for the PSP by Nihon Falcom in September 2011, Falcom’s limited edition contained a number of items. The most well-known of these items are the Tio and Elie nendoroid petits. However, what it also contained was a drama CD.

This drama CD, named Road to the Future, fills in the blanks regarding what happens with the Special Support Section between the end of Trails from Zero and the beginning of Trails to Azure.

While everyone is hyped up for the release of our patch this weekend, you can now take a moment to read up about the events that take place between the two games here. Scott and Adda have both run an editing pass across Kitsune’s translation, so that much of the tone and voice found in the translation will match what is to be expected once you play through our release of Azure.

I’ve built up a special page for the drama CD translation that can be found here. You can also find it in the topnav once that has been updated. Mobile users, don’t be dismayed⁠—the site should be responsive so that you can read it from the comfort of your phone as well.


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