Trails to Azure Q&A and Prologue Video

Hey, everyone. Earlier this week, I fielded questions on Twitter about Trails to Azure and our team, promising to come back and answer them later. Surprise, surprise. This was meant to be for a Q&A video all along, which doubles as a demo of Azure’s prologue (spoiler warning for Trails from Zero, by the way). Enjoy watching—or listening if you’d rather treat it as a podcast.

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  1. Hey, this is probably answered in the video but it’s like 2 hours long so I figured I’d ask here. Any idea of a rough release date?

    Thanks for all the work you guys put in.

  2. SUPER Hyped for this, though my Real Life is being especially demanding right now, as I’m working on some Important Goals (Learn Italian, Restructure Family Business, Murder All Debt, Build Garage Gym and get RIPPED, Steal Incredible Woman From Unappreciative Douche.) so I’ll probably not be able to do my usual “Take a Two Week Vacation and Trails, Trails, Trails!” plan.

    Maybe I can swing a ONE week vacation, provided I still make progress on the most important of all these goals…

      1. Hey, I know you’re trying to be a douche about it, but I’m gonna piss on your parade and say that, yeah, it is a cool story, as I’ve lost 60 pounds, I’ve been taking Italian Lessons for around two weeks now and can understand the general tone of basic statements, I’ve put on quite a bit of muscle, made an extra two grand and spent almost half of it on a new Patio Set for my house, AND received quite the few compliments from that woman I’m talking about, who returned from her vacation with that guy annoyed about how much they’ve been fighting recently, because of what a domineering, inconsiderate asshole he can be.

        So yeah, it’s a cool story, because I’m making steady progress toward everything that I want, by the Grace of Christ, AND I’ll still have Azure when it comes out. So thanks, bro.

  3. Just checking in to say many many many thank you for all the time and effort you have been and are still putting in – I am forever appreciative.

  4. Thank you all so much for your hard work. I’m currently playing through Trails from Zero, and you’ve done such an amazing job. Can’t wait for whenever you finish Trails to Azure 🙂

  5. Made an account to say thank you so much for all the hard work. Thanks to everyone on this team I have been able to play through Trails from Zero, and i’m trully grateful. I recently started going through the Legend of Heroes’ games recently, and love this series so much. I’m excited for Azure whenever it is ready.

    Again, thanks to every single one of you that has dedicated untold amounts of time to complete these translations to such a high standard.

  6. Here’s a question for any of the geofront team, if they peruse these comments:

    While I know that you don’t have a release date, as it’ll be done when it’s done, do you guys plan on *announcing* a release date as it gets closer to being done? Like, will there be a point where you look at it and go “We should be done in a week and a half, barring some unforeseen event. Let’s set a date for a month from now, to keep a little wiggle room, just incase.”

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