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Hey, guys!

Just letting you know that I’ve been doing some work on the backend of the site today. I’ve had a socializer login for awhile running on the website, where you can utilize your social media accounts to create an account on the site.

That went down for a bit in the past week or so, because Facebook made an update to their API that changed my requirements and it broke the Facebook size of the social login system. In the process of repairing it, I discovered that Google made some changes as well to make the setup for a G+ login more restrictive than the past, so I removed that entirely.

You can still use Facebook and Twitter from the old setup.

However, to make up for the loss of G+, I have also integrated Steam and Twitch login systems to the site as well.

And as always, you can read up on the site’s privacy policy here. I won’t be using your info for ulterior motives or selling it, etc etc. The usual legalese for something of this sort.

Additionally, I have plans to allow you to use multiple commenting systems in the future. Currently, you can use the WordPress comments and Facebook- but I am exploring options to include Disqus in the list.

Feel free to respond here, or ping me on twitter if you have questions or run into issues with the site since this change.

EDIT: I’ve been doing more CSS tweaks around the site. These are mostly small cosmetic details that you may not notice. Please let me know if something looks janky or broken.

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Founder and editor of Endless History. Also a member of the official Extra Life stream team and an active streamer. Beyond Falcom, loves Kanzaka-verse media (Slayers and Lost Universe), Orphen, Area 88, Twin Signal, and the Violinist of Hameln.

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  1. Nobody commented on this? Dicks.

    Thank you! It’s not exciting, revolutionary, or riddled with screenshots of the game, but what you do here is definitely appreciated, at least by me. No longer a thankless job, I appreciate you keeping our textual orbments tuned up.

  2. now i can wait in peace and not worry this project gonna get abbandoned like other jrpg translate games (sorry if its bit harsh). This thread show us how u guys serious about this Project


  3. You’re doing a great job, thanks a lot!!
    BTW, sorry if I sound impatient and all but, is the project still up and running? I mean it’s been a long time since we’ve last heard an update and I would want to confirm whether or not it’s alive. Again, sorry for sounding impatient and I wish all of you the best in the success of this translation! 😀

  4. Generally speaking, if you look at previous posts, it seems that we get another 10% update every 2 months and 10 days, approximately. So since the last one, the 60% update, hit us on February 23rd, our 70% update should come out on March 33rd. Nothing wrong with that math, right? So basically, in 3 weeks, maybe something will be posted.

    ALSO, if you check Zerker on Twitter, you occasionally get little mini updates. For instance, he recently said that he’s “Secured Crossbell’s Borders,” which is to say he’s done editing all the dialogue at Tangram Gate, and is now working on Crossbell Cathedral.

  5. To Hack33466: There’s going to be two versions: A PSP version that’s just a complete translation of all dialogue and text in the games, and a PC version that’s got all that PLUS an English title screen and possible English logo in the opening movie, possible additional portraits for certain characters who only got portraits in Ao originally, definite edits to the enviroment where originally their English spelling was a little… off… and maybe a couple other things.

    I had asked a while ago about translating voice, or at least adding subtitles, but sadly they say there’s nothing to be done about that. Oh well, can’t win them all, eh?

  6. OKAY, we’ve officially reached the approximate amount of time it usually takes between updates on the progress of this project! Hooray!

    This means that maybe but also maybe not, they could be an update sooner or later letting us know that they’ve reached another percentage! Hooray!

    Either way, I just want to once again thank everyone involved in this project. Your dedication is inspiring.

  7. Apologies for the longer wait. The end of the school semester kept me quite busy, but it’s over now! I’ve been getting back into the script and progress has picked up again!

  8. All good, brother man. I saw how you moved your @thing from Crossbell Cathedral to St. Ursula Hospital, so I know you’re getting things done. Necessary Real World things first, as is proper, then Better Kiseki World things too. I’m sure that everyone else agrees with me that just knowing this project is in the hands of enthusiastic, dedicated, talented fans makes the wait positively tolerable, lol.

  9. Could hardly agree more with Bluestormizion. Cant expect you to stop your life for the rest of us, really appreciate the mere fact that you are doing this project. Setbacks or delays be dammed, looking forward to the next update, whenever that may be 🙂

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