Trails from Zero: 60%

Hello, everyone! Once again, I’m here with news of another 10% done on the editing of Trails from Zero. Quite a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes aside from the editing, but don’t worry, I’ll get into that in a bit.

Editing Progress

Personally, I continue to become happier and happier with my edits. My recent work consisted of finishing up Armorica Village, Mainz, and moving on to St. Ursula Medical College and the border gates. Man, you would not believe how big St. Ursula really is. I finished up everything there except the hospital and decided to switch things up and try my hand at the gates. It’s going to be crazy when all that’s left is to edit the rest of Crossbell City. All in all, I’m proud of how I’ve improved as an editor (and I most certainly plan to fix my early stuff during QA!)

Behind the Scenes

The others that are working on programming and pseudo-QA right now really don’t get enough credit. Jose, our programmer, is always ready to help and has made some amazing improvements to Zero’s PC version. On the other side of the coin, Ribose never fails to give me a helping hand and keep the script consistent. I owe a lot to my teammates and they haven’t let me down. In the meantime, we’ve managed to translate and get crisp versions of the battle UI, menu names, and even the font we’re using. On top of that, Jose has been able to figure out how colored text spacing worked and Ribose was able to translate the debug menu, which helps our testing of the game immensely. Keep this under wraps, but we might be contemplating inserting portraits into the game for the primary two characters that don’t have them in Zero.

Video Shenanigans

While talking to one of my friends, DrCullenPHD, the topic of video editing popped up. One thing led to another, and a few hours later, we had proof that it would be possible to replace the Japanese logo and text within the opening and editing with our own logo and translations. I, for one, was pretty blown away by it, so I hope you guys can look forward to that in the future. Who knows, perhaps a trailer for Trails from Zero might happen at some point…?


From here on out, I intend to edit Bellguard Gate and Tangram Gate before swinging back around to finish St. Ursula Medical College.  Like I mentioned before, I was really caught off guard by just how large the script is there. As of now, I’ve finished the exterior, Research Ward, and the cafeteria and dormitories. The hospital section is certainly the largest, but I’m excited to go back to it later down the line. I’m thinking that we might try to do something special for 75% and April Fools’ Day. We’ll see what happens.

In some ways, I feel like I got stuck in a bit of a rut after hitting 50%. A barrier, if you will. Anyways, I don’t intend to stay stuck in it and I want to continue to make solid progress on editing while maintaining the quality I believe I’ve been hitting. As always, thanks to my girlfriend, teammates, and friends who have never stopped encouraging me and the team. Here’s to you!

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  1. Yea, update, and yea 10%! Glad to see how well this is coming along and thanks again guys! This plus waiting for Azure’s unedited version to finally drop and check out a bit makes my day! Thanks again for all the hard work! 😀

  2. Really nice work! I’m looking forward to playing this after finishing most of Cold Steel II. One question for Jose, while playing around with the Japanese PC version of Zero I noticed that the draw distance of NPC sprites is very short, will this be increased for this release? I try to talk with most if not all NPC’s but if they are invisible and don’t have icons on the minimap like in Cold Steel I feel some might be easy to miss. Keep up the good work!

      1. I’m a noob in these terms, what exactly is the drawing distance of those sprites mentioned?

        Also good job and thanks in advance for this project, am eager to lay hands on it. Gotta slow down my Sky 3rd playthrough a bit though ._.

          1. “NPC Draw Distance” refers to how far away you can walk from non-playable characters with them still being visible. In Crossbell (on PSP, rather), characters disappear after a short distance. This isn’t an issue in Trails in the Sky for PC since it was never made that way. Cold Steel had a different but comparable problem called “Draw Distance” where objects would not appear until you walked closer. Durante fixed that with the PC releases with an “Unlimited Draw Distance” setting. In all these cases, it appears as the thing “popping in” when you walk closer and can be mildly distracting as well as make it seem like the world is less populated than it is.

  3. Great work, editing team! Here’s to another 10%. I still find it quite incredible how fast you are going through the script, while still working/going to school. Incredible.

  4. Congratulations guys !! Thank you for your hard work !
    Your progress is amazing and the thought of being able to play Trails from Zero in english one day makes me really happy :).

    Keep up the good work !

  5. Thanks for another update to this game I’ve been waiting for this game patiently to come out since finishing trails of the sky 3rd ch. Last 2016 on pc I did not play the trails of cold steel series(despite temptation i will stand still & firm 😢) cause i want to experience the correct sequence of this massive and wonderful game 🙂 even if this translation spans another year i will wait patiently. Thanks again to ur team supremezerker kudos & more power may Aidios bless u 😇

  6. Honestly I was anticipating this update next month but lo and behold we are at 60%!
    Seriously you guys, when people thanks anyone of you that automatically means we’re thanking and supporting everyone who are involved with this amazing project!

    Also quick question, I see you guys been using the PC version for testing the translation so just to clarify: will the PSP version also receive this translation or are you mostly focused on getting the patch working on PC first and the PSP later?

  7. Congratulations! This is looking so good, I can’t wait to play it. Good to see you’re enjoying your own work too!

    A couple of questions:
    Zerker, are you the only one currently editing the text? I thought there were more people, but this post gave me the impression you’re the only one touching the text (except for consistency check with Ribose and the technical stuff with Jose, of course).

    And talking about technical issues, my pc version runs well enough on my computer in terms of fps as far as I’ve tested it, but there’s some screen tearing all the time that I couldn’t fix even with nvidia panel. Do the improvements that Jose is implementing also fix this kind of issue?

    1. Well, I’ve always been the lead editor. Cata is still editing but Guan has taken more of a consultant role, due to personal circumstances. We do actually have a person starting to proofread the text, who will eventually be on my Azure team!

  8. A quick question: In celebration of the 60%, I’ve gone back to watch the demo video ya’ll put up at 50%, and began to wonder; do you have any plans to do anything with the voice lines? Because whatever Lloyd hears when he wakes up on the train, I have no idea what that is, and I tend to obsess about lines that wake people up. It’s a thing I do.

    1. There’s not really anything we can do in cases of purely voiced things. Those lines Lloyd hears are usually accompanied with an image, but not that first one. It says, ‘Find me.’ if you were wondering.

  9. With each new news, your work seems more improved and professional.

    Congratulations and good luck in the new stages.

    The whole fan community is cheering for you in this amazing project!

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You don’t know how much this means to us. This is one of the greatest games of all time, so to see it get so much love and attention really brings a tear to my eye.

    1. But they DO know how much it means to us; it means the same amount to them, and that’s why it’s such a high-quality, painstakingly done effort, and not just a slapdash google-translate mess. All the more reason they deserve thanks, because they’re doing exactly what we all would do ourselves, but for whatever reason can’t.

  11. I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for doing this. I just “finished” Trails of Cold Steel 2… or at least finished it up to some huge spoilers about what happened in the Crossbell Games, and realizing that it THEN wants to give me some bonus gameplay with some Crossbell Buddies, I have officially saved the game, stopped my Cold Steel progress as if it’s frozen solid, and will not touch that branch of the series again until after I play through Zero and Azure so I can actually understand what’s happening/happened/about to happen.

    Thank you SO much for making that a matter of months instead of the possible decades if I had to wait for an official release. Seriously, from the bottom of my house which is significantly deeper than the bottom of my heart which is currently two stories above the bottom of the house, THANK YOU.

  12. Oh man, I’m so happy I found you guys and Guren translating Zero and Ao respectively. I still need to play Trails of Cold Steel II, I’m currently going through Trails of Cold Steel again now that both games have been released on PC. So hopefully I can get through Zero no Kiseki before ToCS II so I can at least kind of understand what the hell is going on in Crosbell.

    For now, keep up the good work! I’ll be (in)patiently waiting for the patch to be finished! …and then I’ll have to figure out how to play it on Emulators or something.

    1. You MIGHT want to wait to do Cold Steel 2. I’m someone who is near/at/after the end of Cold Steel 2, myself, and there are some… sizeable to massive to almost complete spoilers about the two Crossbell Games toward the end of the game. I regret having gone so far into the game, honestly. I saved where I am, so I don’t get any other spoilers, but I really do know SO much about major Crossbell things that I would rather have not known before playing Zero and Azure.

        1. I think I do remember hearing XSEED picking up Trails of Cold Steel because it took place at nearly the same time as the Crossbell duology (Also because barely anyone plays on the PSP any more and ToCS was closer to the Japanese release. Wonder if XSEED will ever translate the Crossbell games, but if they don’t I’m even more thankful for the work you guys have put into this).

          But whatever the case is, I guess I’ll get spoiled on shit happening in either Crossbell or Erebonia. Still, with there being loads and loads of sidequests and even NPCs who have stuff going on in the background I’m sure I won’t get spoiled on everthing. And experiencing what happens first hand will be more fun too.

          In any case, I guess I’ll see if I wait with starting up Cold Steel II when I finish replaying the first game. I still need to finish Trails in the Sky the 3rd and Yakuza 6 is being released in April too. So I can probably keep myself busy a while longer.

        2. lmao, seriously? That’s wonderful. Shame I couldn’t have known beforehand and played them simultaneously. How fucking Meta would that be? To keep track of the dates of both games and go day for day in both.

          Nah, not doing that again. Wrote three simultaneous novels on the same continent, involving characters whose lives have diverged after the first book in the series, whose paths cross and minor characters will mention to the groups who get there later. Much love for Kisekiman Jones, or whoever planned all of these games out, for the resolve to coordinate such an expansive story.

      1. This is not really needed by the way

        Divertissement and what happens after is still very important for Cold Steel II and nothing in that chapter spoils more then the game itself already has up to that point.

          1. Just did the little “Divertissement” section, no further crossbell spoilers beyond what ToCS2 did prior to that, other than a lot of name dropping without any context, but all names that you already know if you looked at the little Characters thing that these guys put up when they were at the 40% mark. And there does seem to be a fair bit of Rean And The Gang Adventures AFTER the Divertissement, which happens AFTER the Finale.

            Someone needs to teach Japan that if a Finale isn’t Final, it’s just an E.

  13. Thanks for all the hard work guys, looks amazing so far. Looking like you might finish by the end of 2018 which has me excited, and at that point Ao translation will be at the point I guess zero was when you started your work on it so… might be worth checking that out on psp after I guess since it will be the only missing link in english once you finish Zero. Really good job 🙂

  14. I’m very… VERY excited about this project and please allow me to extend to you my most heartfelt appreciation. 🙂 I’m well aware this is Crossbell arc but finding out about this is giving me Ero-boner! LMAO!

  15. Recently got into the Trails series (better late than never lol) and I can’t wait till this is ready to play! Hopefully by then I’ll be done with TitS the 3rd. If not, I’ll at least have this first part of the Crossbell games to look forward to after 🙂

    I also wanted to give you guys a huge THANK YOU for making this happen for us.

  16. I have just come across this translation project for a game I thought I would never get to play and I have one question. WHEN this translation has been completed how will it be delivered, will it be in the form of pat h files for the pc and psp or will it be the full game files because I cannot get hold of a Japanese copy of this game in either format? Sorry for being a bit long winded. Keep up this amazing good work.

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