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[Admin] One More Privacy Policy Post, About Us, & More

We’ve updated our privacy policy! (I’m sure you’re tired of seeing this…) …but we’ve also removed the forums, updated the site’s security, added a new page, and more.

[Admin] General Website Update

Hey, guys! Just letting you know that I’ve been doing some work on the backend of the site today. I’ve had a socializer login for awhile running on the website, where you can utilize your social media accounts to create an account on the site. That went down for a bit in the past week …

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[Admin] Website Updates: New Menu Items

Hello, everyone! Floofy here. Though I’ve been on a break from the project itself, I’ve still been doing back end work to the website to ensure that it stays functional, up to date, and safe for users to login and use. This post is part of my transparency to keep everyone in the loop of …

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Boy, Isn’t Being Misrepresented Great? Setting out the Facts

Seriously, people putting words in our mouths, and not bothering to listen to a single thing we’ve said, but instead choose to spread their own version of the truth about it. So how about I put it all out in the open, and in a place where it can’t even be questioned whether or not …

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Welcome to the Geofront!

Welcome to the Geofront! This is a page that will be dedicated to the translation efforts to finish the editing for the Zero no Kiseki fan translation as that was started by the team from the Heroes of Legend message board. This site will allow us to create public updates, answer questions, and give people …

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