Welcome to the Geofront!

Welcome to the Geofront!

This is a page that will be dedicated to the translation efforts to finish the editing for the Zero no Kiseki fan translation as that was started by the team from the Heroes of Legend message board.

This site will allow us to create public updates, answer questions, and give people a central location to find out more information of who is on the team, what we’re doing, our progress and so forth.

As I’m a part of the team, I’ve chosen to host the site on esterior.net, alongside Endless History, to give some control over the media available on the page. However, this is a lot more accessible in terms of community and communications- you can register to the site using various methods of social media, and you can even use your Facebook account to comment if you so wish for it.

On top of the login accessibility, we also have a bbpress run message board on here. If you feel you have an issue you want to discuss about posts or other technical problems, this will allow all of us who run this to be able to access them and contact and answer questions.

I want people to be able to have a voice and a good, single place to bring it all together. Over the next few weeks, I will also be building a page where you can see all the various members of the team and get to know who we are.

There may also be other changes based on the specific needs of the website as they come forth in the next few weeks or so.

As always, feel free to let me know if you have problems- you can find the forum for it here. If you have any suggestions for things you want to see, let me know there, as well.

Author: omgfloofy

Founder and editor of Endless History. Also a member of the official Extra Life stream team and an active streamer. Beyond Falcom, loves Kanzaka-verse media (Slayers and Lost Universe), Orphen, Area 88, Twin Signal, and the Violinist of Hameln.

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  1. This seems as good a place as any to ask: are you just editing the script provided by the old fan TL team, or are you retranslating it? I heard the old script was riddled with mistranslations not unlike the original translation of FC, which seems like something a simple editing pass wouldn’t be able to catch.

    1. We’re not re-translating the whole thing. We have a serviceable translation that needs a heavy editing pass on it. Thankfully, Guan, Yotaka, and I have both that translation and the Japanese side-by-side so we can verify and update as needed while working on it.

      Additionally, this will help with lots of the incidental dialogue in the game and so forth, too. Like shop stuff and whatnot.

    1. We’re working on things with it, but it’s a large script and our lives have been exceptionally busy, since we’re juggling it and other things at the same time. Sorry that we don’t have any updates on here.

  2. first of all, I am so grateful that you guys are still working on this despite the whole zeroG dilemma.

    I’ve been a fan since Trails in the Sky and when i heard you guys are working on Zero no Kiseki my love for the series just sky rocketed from there on!

    I wish you guys the best! seriously this series is a beast with the amount of texts they have and i still can’t believe that there are people out there who are willing to take it on!

  3. with the release of the 3rd Trails in the Sky, i’m in “Trails frenzy” here.
    is there any new updates on Zero (or even Ao) translation patch?

    i’m using yangxu’s youtube guide to follow the story, but it seems s/he stopped doing that

    could you at least release the raw translation file (text or excel based) so we can follow the story?
    currently, my other (read: boring) alternative would be using Google Translate and capture using Android device in each sentence

    is there anything an average joe like me to help with the progress? like spell check or something šŸ™‚

    Thank You

    1. Unfortunately, the script- as we have it- isn’t in order. As such, it would basically take a rewrite based on playing the game and putting the file data in order, then ordering the lines to be able to create a raw text file for someone to follow while playing.

  4. Hey Everyone. Is the translation still ongoing? Iā€™m currently new to the trails games and have played FC and SC and its outstanding. Hoping that you guys will finish it in the future. Greetings from Philippines.

      1. Is it impossible to collab with Xseed on this? I’m thinking it would be easier to get the game out that way but it might interfere with there business policies.

        1. XSEED has their own practices and methods, and I’m not sure they’d want the script. Issues happened when they went to a group outside of the company to translate/edit the game, if you look at SC. But if you look at Cold Steel, Cold Steel II, and 3rd- you can see that it went much more smoothly using their own methods.

          I also wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable in making that decision because the three of us working on the editing now weren’t the people who translated it originally. It would be unfair to them to make the decision against their wishes.

          1. Now that you mention it they were able to get CS I, II, and the 3rd all within the span of about 2 years. Any idea on how they managed to do that?

          2. Good cohesion with the team, and Hatsuu working 50-60 hour weeks, even.

            Unfortunately, we don’t really have that ability to do the same on our end. lol

    1. The basic story is that someone translated the game and editing had started, but the person running the project just completely fell off of the face of the earth. They were planning to release the script, which was in a dire need of editing, out as is, just to get it out there.

      So Guan and I approached someone in the group and asked if they’d like for us to take it off their hands and edit it ourselves. And that’s how it happened.

        1. It’s not necessarily a matter of ‘arranging it into order.’ The data we have contains the game’s location of the strings. As a result, it doesn’t matter the order of the files when we’re done, the script insertion will do that part.

          But we are editing the script. It’s filled with a lot of oddities, and some cases where it will run over the readable area, etc etc.

  5. I have never played a fan translated game how will I be able to play this game when it is completed will it be payable through the PlayStation network store or downloaded over the pc thank you

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