Rumors of Our Completion Are Exaggerated

I’m picking up on rumors that we’re either almost done or completely done with the work we’ve been doing. I can promise that this isn’t the case. I’m drafting up a plan to bring some content here, but beyond that, it’s really hard to report when we’re basically still in the phase of making stuff sound right while in spreadsheet format.

As a reminder, we picked up a script where the person running it had requested that the script be overly literal.

One such example is the following exchange between Lloyd, Randy, and Noel:

Noel: But, if there’s anything, please don’t hesitate to contact Tangram Gate okay? I’ll report all that happened today to the Vice Commander.
Lloyd: Alright… Then we’re counting on you.
Randy: Well then, see ya.
Noel: Yes…!

Guan had just finished going over this particular exchange today, and we’re trying to make lines have a little less ‘stiff-ness’ to them, in a sense, and show more of the character personalities in them. Don’t worry, we don’t plan to go all Working Designs here. That’s not our style. But the end result of what he had done looks like this:

Noel: Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Tangram Gate if something’s up, okay? I’ll report the outcome of our work back to my vice commander.
Lloyd: Sure, we’re counting on you!
Randy: Laters!
Noel: Haha…Laters!

Unfortunately, whereas XSEED has people who are capable of doing this kind of work full time, those of us who are working on this are putting our work and efforts in on it between our real life obligations as well as our other hobbies, and it’s definitely not a small task. However, those of us involved were very dismayed at the thought that this game, which has so much character and personality in it, would get a very dry and super literal translation that would lose that personality in it.

To be fair, I know that I did promise something of my own to help people out with their wait, but I apparently had a big plan for it that may not be easily doable before I can get started with the work on it. So I might dial it back a little bit to be able to get more things to people sooner, rather than later.

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11 Replies to “Rumors of Our Completion Are Exaggerated

  1. I know you guys want to do this game right, so please take as much time as you need. Based on the sample here things seems to be going in the right direction. Maybe you could have minor updates of how much editing is done at certain times or something like that.

  2. The fact that you all work on it despite not having all the time in the world just shows how much you all care about the series! ; D

  3. I don’t know if someone’s asked something like this before but is there any way for you to track and share your progress with us? For example, if you’re translating the game linearly, knowing how much of each chapter is completed would be great to know imo.

    1. Unfortunately, our editing isn’t linear. The files are provided based on map and location and we get script chunks that way.

      I can see about coming up with a tracker system though. I can’t promise it being simple, however.

  4. Thank you for working on the fan translation of Zero. I’ve been wanting to play the Crossbell games for years as someone who is a huge fan of the trails series, but never could because of the language barrier. You are my only chance of being able to play this game since I don’t think XSeed will localize it. Do the fan translation how you feel is best and keep us updated as more progress is made please. Once again as I said at the beginning thank you to you and your team of fan translators for working on the fan translation of Zero that is awesome.

  5. Whoever’s spreading those rumours probably read what ZeroG wrote a long time ago and thought to themselves that the progress of the fan translation is still on track for release this year.

    Maybe they are at fault to an extent but I can understand the hype and excitement behind their actions.

    Anyway its great to hear from you guys and not to mention a peek of what’s going on with Zero’s progress!

    Keep up the good work and I really hope more people/trails fans should come here and help support this project more than it deserves!

  6. what can we expect now that there’s a beta patch and the game is 100% translated ?
    the patch is pretty amazing in itself there’s a few typos here and there but if a non english speaker latino like me can figure it out easily I don’t think other people will have much trouble with it.

    1. If you’re fine with the patch that was released, then by all means, go play it.

      However, I do hope that you realize that in this comment that you are basically telling us not to bother doing something that we think can be done better. Your post just sounds like you are more interested in telling us what we should be doing with our time instead of playing a patch you think is perfectly serviceable.

      Additionally, you may want to read the newer post than ignore it to comment on this one instead.

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