Trails from Zero Out Now!

Greetings, detectives! The day has come! After three years, we have finally completed the Trails from Zero patch to allow you to play the game in English with a fully edited script and modernized features.

You can find the installer on our downloads page. But allow us to help clarify what you will need to install the patch. Additionally, there have been some technical problems that may delay your opportunity to experience the game, but we will be working to update the patch as soon as possible. But please read further down for more details on that subject.

Be sure to verify that the link you’re provided is one of the Geofront links. These are the only links that we can vouch for as not being modified or updated outside of our control. With the way the downloader on the site is setup, all links, both local and mirrors, can be found tagged with the Geofront subdomain before pulling the file.

If this site does go down during the process, many of us on twitter will help provide the mirror links for you.

The Installer

To help with updating the game, we have built an installer to make it as easy as possible for you to install the patch and its contents, and be able to play the game as a launcher with it. This launcher will detect which version of the Geofront patch you’re running, which can help confirm if you’re using the most updated version.

There are other options that may be faster, but these are the normal steps taken by the testers when testing the build of the launcher.

Step 1: Run the setup.exe from the patch files

This will first setup Microsoft .NET framework. Once it is complete, and you have accepted it, the application will be installed. If you are running Windows 10, you will get a security warning that this software can’t be verified due to being from an unknown publisher. This is okay. Once this is complete, you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Perform the launcher installation

If you have not installed the Japanese game for Trails from Zero, you can actually install it through this launcher, as well.

To install the game through the launcher, if you select ‘install,’ you can target the files for the game. If you have the digital version from DLSite, this is pointed to VJ009178.part1.exe. If you are using the physical version, you point this to FSetup5.exe. This will allow the launcher to install the original game as well.

If you have already installed the game, you point the launcher at ED_ZERO.exe, and the launcher will begin the process of applying the patch to your game.

Afterwards, you will see a summary of what’s going to be installed, including the Geofront build (our assets and DLL modifications), movie files, subtitle files, character texture fix, and so forth.

PLEASE NOTE: the patcher performs a Microsoft C++ Redistributable installation. This may require a reboot.

Issue Reporting

As this is 1.0.1, there will probably be some bugs and issues that we didn’t run across during our testing. As a result, we have an issue reporting page on the site now! This is where you can report anything you run across so that we can throw said reports into our github repo for the game. This way, we can incorporate them in any (inevitable) fixes in the future.

You can find the issue reporting page here.

Known Issues

We have run into some unexpected issues with this installer/launcher. We are in the process of investigating and testing to resolve these and will be calling out the update on here and on twitter once it is released.

Known Issue #1: Uninstallation

When attempting to go through the uninstallation of the patch, it will load up the installer window for the Japanese version of the game, but Windows will not see it to uninstall it. A known workaround is to install the game itself first, outside of the launcher, then install the patch through the launcher.

Known Issue #2: Windows 7

We have had different issues with testers running Windows 7 and the launcher. We are currently investigating the cause of these issues or a workaround for Windows 7 users.


I want to give some love to everyone who’s been patient and supportive of us as we worked through this, dealt with real life, and a various number of issues. We are going to continue with support over the release and may even have additional posts about the game, the patch, and even potentially some bloopers and bugs that we encountered.

We can’t wait to share these kinds of moments with you, and we all absolutely hope that you enjoy Trails from Zero.

Author: omgfloofy

Founder and editor of Endless History. Also a member of the official Extra Life stream team and an active streamer. Beyond Falcom, loves Kanzaka-verse media (Slayers and Lost Universe), Orphen, Area 88, Twin Signal, and the Violinist of Hameln.

104 Replies to “Trails from Zero Out Now!

  1. Hey guys, thanks for this release.

    I have it installed but I have an issue with the display settings I would hope somebody here might know something about. The problem is that I’m using an ultrawide monitor with a 3440×1440 resolution. When I first started the game it set the resolution to 3440×1440 but since the game itself is meant for 16:9 that means everything is stretched out (and looks real ugly).

    Normally I can get around issues like that by setting the game’s resolution to 2560×1440 and it will just display with some black bars at the sides. However when I set the resolution (while in borderless mode) to 2560×1440 here nothing seems to change. It still fills the whole screen, it’s still stretched out, and honestly I can’t even tell the difference between 2560×1440 and 3440×1440.

    If I set it to windowed mode then things seem to work as one would expect, but of course that means I have to play it in windowed mode (and due to the title bar a 2560×1440 window will actually be cut off at the bottom…).

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. Replying to my own comment in case anyone else has this problem. I can’t be the only one with an ultrawide monitor…

      While I still haven’t gotten the borderless mode to work correctly, I have gotten it to work fine in fullscreen mode. Go into the game directory and edit config.ini, find the setting WindowMode=1 and change it to WindowMode=0, then when you start the game it should be in fullscreen mode. For me at least fullscreen mode works just fine in 2560×1440 without the stretching issues I was having with borderless.

      Why do you have to edit the config file for this? I have no idea. Fullscreen was not an option in the in-game settings, the only choices were borderless or windowed. However it seems to work fine, and oddly enough after you make this change if you go back to the in-game settings you’ll find that it does list fullscreen as an option in the drop-down (and is currently set to it). So it feels like the support was always there but the option was excluded from the in-game settings for some reason.

      1. Full screen mode was always an issue for the Sky Trilogy (mainly because it would crash when you Alt+Tab; not always but often) and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it was an issue for a lot of people with the Crossbell games too. I’m assuming they disabled the option for full screen altogether because of that. It’s nice that it’s working for you though.

        As regards stretching, in System under the Video tab there is an option to Keep Aspect Ratio or something like that. Have you checked or unchecked it to see if it made a difference?

  2. Any chance you could add a download mirror that actually has capacity handle a few simultaneous connections? I’ve tried all of them 20+ times but they always fail with “server error” halfway through the download…

    1. There are tons of mirrors over at the Falcom Discord server, like MEGA. There’s even a torrent link. Go look for the pinned message there. It was in the #trails-from-zero-geofront channel, I believe.

  3. Hey Geofront !
    Since the patch is now out, wouldn’t it be more convenient to give access to your discord for everyone to give feedback/ tips sharing on installation/report bugs ?

    1. You need to provide the Evo OST yourself. The Geofront patch simply allows you to test and easily switch between different versions of each track once you have added them. The only real “legal” way to do so is extracting them from the Vita game itself.

      1. thanks for the info…i thought that the game already had the evo ost…once i have to the ost files… i just have to add them to the game data folder ?

  4. This is missing a noticeable amount of evo voices. How do you install them?

    What does “Requires AT9 files in .data/talk” mean exactly? I got the voice files from the previous patch, but i’ve no idea where .data/talk part comes in.

  5. This patch/translation is really good. I played 5 hours with the old fan translation a while back but stopped after about 5 hours because the quality was garbage with grammatical errors in almost every “speech bubble”. Some were so bad that they were impossible to understand. The quality of this one is very good and feels like an offical translation. I’m really glad I waited for this one. Good job!

  6. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. So much love for the Geofront team on this one. I have a question for any and all who may be able to answer:

    I have a Steam controller that I would like to use, but I’m struggling to make it work. I see the “controller” option in the menu with various presets. But nothing I seem to do allows me to toggle the controller from “disabled” to presumably “enabled”. The drop-down only offers disabled (while my controller is plugged in and on), and the “Update” button beside it does nothing for me. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. I used my Debit card at DLsite, but what I had to do was call my bank and to get them to allow it. I think because it’s a foreign purchase most banks (mine did) sort of auto-block it. Calling my bank, verifying who I am – was all I needed to lift that block!

  7. Very nice job so far:). Many kudos to the hard working people that brought this to us. After a bit of fiddling and configuration, seems to work nicely using Steam Link so I can play it on my large screen:)

      1. Please help, the game wont recognize several buttons on my ps3 controller. Working fine for steam game. How yo add the launcher to steam library? And anything else to do? Thank you

  8. So I’m wondering how to get the EVO voice mods to work, without it resetting the patch after patching the game with the Geofront Installer.

    The voice mods requires you to replace the dinput8.dll that’s in the main game folder with the game’s .exe, but once you put that in and replace it, the patch undos itself and you gotta patch it again.

    Just wondering if anyone can help a fella out. Thanks.

    1. From what I’ve been able to gather, this new build isn’t compatible with past mod patches. However there are built-in options in the settings to allow for added voices. This requires the voice files in at9 format to be manually placed in a data/talk folder after installation. The problem I’ve run into is that my voice files are in ogg format and not at9. I’ve found an indirect way to convert but only 1 file at a time and I’m not going to do that thousands of times.

      Regardless, I’m loving how easy it is to kick back on a 4k tv with a dualshock 4 support. Thank you, geofront team.

      1. You have already converted files probably from torrent, you need untouched at9 files from psarc archive.

        It works properly, already checked it.

  9. Hey Geofront team
    I’m a huge fan of the trails series and i wanted to thank you for your great work with this incredible projekt 🙂 it’s really amazing !!! thanks again and all the best from Switzerland 🙂

  10. Thank you guys I just finished the prologue and I have played the other version of this game and your version is far superior to it!!! I love the treasure quotes such a fun feature.

  11. Would really appreciate, if you could update FAQ regarding info how to use evo ost/movies. Obviously it’s bit different, than voices.

    Second thing – i already pointed it out on tweeter, is the game resolution scaled properly?
    – everything including ui seems a little too big.

    Also thanks for all the hard work!

  12. Managed to play for about half a day or so and I’m loving it. Translation is very high quality, can’t say I found any errors but then English isn’t my first language. After Trails of Cold Steel 1 was kind of hard to get into (I still enjoy it, but it and its sequels definitely don’t feel on the same level as Sky writing-wise) I was worried I was too hyped for Zero…

    …But I wasn’t. It still has the slow start as all the other first games in the Legend of Heroes series, but the detective premise as well as the interaction between the characters makes the hype worth it for me at least. And it’s all thanks to you! I’ll definitely purchase the remake for the PS4 in the future should it get a translation, but I’m glad I get to play the original after all. Even if it took a while. 🙂

    I hope you guys will work on a fantranslation for Azure too, if that’s possible at least. But I hope you have the time to take a well-deserved break first!

  13. I need help. I have installed the patch into the japanese retail game, but every written characters is scrambled up. Do I need certain fonts to run it? I’ve tried re-installing the game already, no good. It’s like the game isn’t making connection with the data_en folder, where I suppose all the translated files are stored. Can someone help me, please? 🙁

    1. Should the exe text file look scrambled like this?

      0,0,%c%c%s%c%c‚ðŽg‚¤‚Æ%c%c%s%c%c‚ðÁ”‚Ü‚·B\n%c%c%s%c%c‚͍UŒ‚‚µ‚½‚èAƒ_ƒ[ƒW‚ðŽó‚¯‚½‚è‚·‚邱‚Æ‚Å\ní“¬’†‚ɏ­‚µ‚¸‚—­‚Ü‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚«‚Ü‚·B,Using %c%c%s%c%c consumes %c%c%s%c%c. %c%c%s%c%c is gradually\ngained by dealing out or receiving damage.
      0,0,%c%c%s%c%c\n%c%c%s%c%c‚ª100ˆÈã—­‚Ü‚é‚ƁA‚`‚sƒo[is“®‡j‚ð\n–³Ž‹‚µ‚Ä%c%c%s%c%c‚ðŽg—p‚·‚邱‚Æ‚ªo—ˆ‚Ü‚·B\n‚±‚ꂪ%c%c%s%c%c‚Å‚·B,”%c%c%s%c%c\nOnce a character has 100 or more %c%c%s%c%c, an %c%c%s%c%c\ncan be unleashed at any time, ignoring the\nbattle order. This is called an %c%c%s%c%c.”
      0,0,%c%c%s%c%c‚Æ‚µ‚Ä”­“®‚·‚é%c%c%s%c%c‚ÌŠm”FE•ÏX‚Í\nƒLƒƒƒ“ƒv[STATUS]‚ōs‚¢‚Ü‚·B,Check or adjust the %c%c%s%c%c that is set for each\ncharacter when they use an %c%c%s%c%c under\n[STATUS] in the Camp Menu.
      0,0, {@ ‚ð‰Ÿ‚·‚Æ•ûŒüƒL[‚É\n‘Ήž‚µ‚½ƒLƒƒƒ‰‚Ì%c%c%s%c%c‚ª”­“®‚µ‚Ü‚·B\n¦ƒuƒŒƒCƒNƒ}[ƒN‚ª@@‚É‚È‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚éŠÔ‚Í\n ‚rƒuƒŒƒCƒN‚ð”­“®‚·‚邱‚Æ‚Í‚Å‚«‚Ü‚¹‚ñB,”@{@ activates the corresponding %c%c%s%c%c.\n¦If the character’s icon becomes@@,\n@you cannot activate their S-Break.”
      0,0,‚ł́AŽÀÛ‚É%c%c%s%c%c‚ð”­“®‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚µ‚傤B\n {@ ‚Å”­“®‚µ‚Ü‚·B\n”­“®Œã‚̓Lƒƒƒ“ƒZƒ‹‚·‚邱‚Æ‚Í‚Å‚«‚Ü‚¹‚ñB,”Let’s try activating an %c%c%s%c%c for real!\n@{@ activates it.\nAfter activating, it cannot be canceled.”
      0,0, {@ ‚Å%c%c%s%c%c‚ð”­“®‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚µ‚傤B,@{@ : Activate the %c%c%s%c%c!
      0,0,#5CNPC‚ðŽç‚êI,#5CProtect all NPCs!
      0,0,#5CNPC‚ÌHP‚ª0‚É‚È‚é‚ƃQ[ƒ€ƒI[ƒo[‚É‚È‚è‚Ü‚·B,”#5CIf an NPC’s HP reaches 0, it is Game Over.”
      0,0,ƒRƒ“ƒrƒNƒ‰ƒtƒg,combo crafts
      0,0,ƒRƒ“ƒrƒNƒ‰ƒtƒgF,Combo Crafts:
      0,0,%c%c%s%c%c\nƒNƒ‰ƒtƒg‚Ì’†‚Ì%c%c%s%c%c‚Í\n‚Ql‚̃Lƒƒƒ‰‚ÅŒJ‚èo‚·‘å‹Z‚Å‚·B,%c%c%s%c%c\nThis craft menu lists %c%c%s%c%c. These are powerful\ntechniques combining two characters’ strengths.
      0,0,‚Ql‚̃Lƒƒƒ‰‚Ì‚¤‚¿‚Ç‚¿‚ç‚©‚ÌŽË’ö‚É\n“ü‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚éƒ^[ƒQƒbƒg‚ðUŒ‚‚Å‚«‚Ü‚·B,Unleash these powerful attacks and target any\nenemies within range of either character involved.
      0,0,@ ˆêÄUŒ‚iTEAMRUSHjF,@ Simultaneous Attacks (Team Rush):
      0,0,%c%c%s%c%c\nˆêÄUŒ‚‚̓p[ƒeƒB‘Sˆõ‚ōUŒ‚‚·‚éƒ{[ƒiƒX‚Å‚·B\nƒLƒƒƒ“ƒZƒ‹‚·‚邃ʏí‚̍s“®‚ðs‚¤‚±‚Æ‚ª‚Å‚«‚Ü‚·B,”%c%c%s%c%c\nWhen this bonus appears, a simultaneous attack\ncan be performed! You may choose to cancel and\nperform a normal action instead.”

      1. So, after messing around, I got the conclusion that the patch is just not recognized by my OS. I guess files like ED_ZERO.GDF are the ones responsible to make the conversation between ED_ZERO.EXE and the translated files. The problem is that .GDF doesn’t support my OS, so my OS just ignores it along with maybe other unsupported files and just runs the game as it is, in japanese. I’m so disappointed, I really am. The game runs perfectly on both Vista and XP, and still, I can’t play it with the translation one time it doesn’t offer the same support to old OSs like the original game does. Geofront should have said beforehand that this patch would be only work for WIN7/10, before asking us to buy the game. Because, again, the japanese, and even the chinese base game runs just fine on both Vista and XP. Heck, even Ao no Kiseki runs on XP and Vista.

      2. What exe text file are you talking about? I can run the game just fine and I see no exe text file. If you mean the exe Command Separated Values File (exe.csv), then yes, that’s how it’s supposed to look. What does the game look like if you open ED_ZERO.exe?

        1. Yes, exe.csv. The game starts just fine with ED_ZERO.exe but everything remains in japanese. If I run the game without AppLocale, the characters becomes all scrambled, but if I run the game with AppLocale, it displays japanese perfectly. I suspect Geofront soft translated the game, and that ED_ZERO.GDF is the file responsible to make ED_ZERO.exe to detect and communicate with the translated stuff(exe.csv, data_en folder etc), but since my OS can’t handle .GDF it just ignores it since it’s unsupported, thus it won’t load the translated files. I can only hope for an update in the future that will support old OSs as well since .GDF seems to be just some kind of behavior script(so it’s just text), so maybe there’s an equivalent that would work for old OSs, what do I know? I doubt it’s gonna happen, though.

          1. BTW, I had to borrow another computer so I could install the patch, since the patch installer itself won’t work on my OS either, even with the .deploy removed.

  14. Thanks Geofront team for the continous, untiring work on this amazing project. It’s rare to see fan localizations complete successfully, especially when they go on over many years. So it’s really amazing that you gals and guys didn’t just edit one of the biggest JRPG in terms of script size, but added so many QoL features, amazing work on part of your programmers JoseJL and Ribose.

    It’s incredible to finally have this game installed on my PC, with proper background and logo an Steam and voice support and amazing mouse controls. Thanks, Geofronts.
    loved this blog too with the very detailed updates every few months, btw

    1. Other users have reported that problem as well over in the Falcom Discord server. A guy named アイジャリアン was able to make a workaround for it, so credits to him. Go to Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove the “.deploy” extension from all files

  15. Just played through the opening scenes and I can already tell it’s gonna be a blast. But then again, how could it not be? Thanks very much for this! And, as an added bonus, since I’ve played Cold Steel III, I already feel somewhat at home in Crossbell and have some idea of where to go and how things are laid out.

  16. I’ve run into an error about 2-3 hrs in where for some reason my save files got completely deleted. It won’t let me save the game or load it now. Whenever I visit the save /load screen I hear a continuous scrolling sound and the 3 file slots I had saved over are gone with “No Data” (while they are highlighted, and the rest are not). Upon checking the folder I have the game saved in, where before I saw actual files for my saves, there is now nothing there. I’m not sure if this is a bug from some specific action I took, or something else? But I can’t save the game so ultimately I’m most likely going to have to restart from the beginning.

    1. Upon reinstalling and clicking ‘play from latest’, It seems the files weren’t deleted. However the bug didn’t allow me to save, so I will have to replay a little bit (a lot less than I thought I would have though). Hope no one else runs into this issue. The load/save menus were basically inoperable, forcing you to go to your last save.

      1. I’ve been running into this bug frequently. D: I do lose progress but I’ve been saving much much more frequently since I’ve noticed this happens several times a day… Let me know if you found any solutions. 🙁

        (For Geofront team: I did file a bug)

          1. I know. The auto saves stop working when it gets to this stage. I’ve lost about 30 minutes of gameplay just now. Since some of the scenes are so long. .___. Keeps getting into this state

  17. Hi Guys, Just wanted to say Thank you for all the hard work put into this,
    I cant wait to play it!

    This truly is the “Year of Kiseki”.

    You guys are HEROES and LEGENDS of the video game community!

    Thanks again

  18. (I probably should have said this earlier.)
    I know this was a long time coming, and I wanted to give you my thanks as well. For the amount of work it was over these 4 years (which those of us who were not involved will never truly understand it’s scope), the dedication, time and effort you have all put into this project, I thank you and appreciate all of you. When I first saw that a full translation was being worked on (around 3 years ago), I saw it as a pipe dream. Now, after it’s release, I’m very hyped and excited to be able to actually play this gem of a game. Thank you again for all of your hard work, Geofront team. (And Thank you for the chest messages in-game too 😀 .)

  19. If you have a “Cannot Start Application” error window with the text “Cannot continue. The application is improperly formatted. Contact the vendor for assistance.” pop up right after Microsoft .NET 4.8 installation when trying to install, here is the workaround that worked for me on Windows 8.1:

    – Go into Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove .deploy extension from all files.
    – Run ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0

    Simply removing the .deploy extension from the files, as has been previously suggested in the comments on this page, wasn’t enough for me. setup.exe still prompts the error message for me after removing the .deploy extensions as does ZeroLauncher.application. For me, the key step after removing the .deploy extension from the files was simply running ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0

    This appears to have successfully installed the game for me and the game seems to be running fine now.

    1. Just wanted to let you know that this was so helpful! I looked around trying to figure this out, and was trying to just delete the deploy files, instead of renaming. Thank you so much!!!

  20. Works like a charm, incredible 🙂 Just in time too when we have to stay at home and all.
    Just a question, is there another project translating trails of azure? If you do then great but take a rest first and take care of your health 🙂
    Thanks again!!!

  21. Thanks for all your hard work! This looks fantastic. However, is anyone else getting crashes from dialogue points? So far, I’ve found it in two spots. First, when talking the first time to Iris in the back alley right after she says “Randy, will you pleeease come play with us again?” Second, when entering the administrative district for the first time and Lloyd says, “We definitely should try to remember the way here from the SSS building.” The second is game-stopping since you can’t avoid the dialogue.

    1. Just found another dialogue crash spot: When talking to the two bracers on the 2nd floor of the bracer guild for the first time, right after Scott says, “I recognize you guys” and Tio responds, “You are correct.”

  22. Just registered to say thank you so much. I’ve been following the Geofront development ever since finishing Cold Steel 2, and deciding then to wait until I was caught up on the Crossbell Arc before playing any further. It’s been an agonizing wait but I feel amply rewarded now. The installer and launcher work very well, the game runs so smoothly and beautifully, and I am taking extra care to talk to everyone over and over at each stage because I know how hard you worked to translate and edit all of the dialogue and it would be a shame to miss any. And that is making me appreciate the game itself that much more.

    I love everything you have done, and I’m glad for the link you gave to the Japanese store for a software version of the game so I could reward Falcom. I just hope they see a noticeable uptick in interest in the series.

    Thanks again, and enjoy your well earned victory lap and rest.

  23. I finally have the free time to start playing!
    This might sound silly, but one thing I might recommend is adding to the Button prompt icons in the option menu is a “Switch Pro – Steam” or “Switch Pro Reversed” kind of option.

    You guys do have it right where normally the Switch Pro Controller and devices like the 8bitdo wireless receiver will make the controller use the Xbox layout by default, so pressing the button labeled A will press B exc.
    However Steam (and some other methods to get the Pro Controller to use Xinput) does let you set it to a corrected state by default so the A button actually does actually correspond to pressing A.

    Personally I have my controller corrected by default, and so it was a bit confusing navigating the button config screen, and how the button graphics where reversed.

  24. Yeah, I can’t do anything with the launcher. Funny that it worked the first time but after installing Microsoft C++ Redistributable and rebooting, setup.exe started giving me the error (translated from my language, words might not be accurate) “Not possible to continue, the application doesn’t have the correct format. Contact the developper of this application to get help”.
    It gives the “-HRESULT: 0x8007001f” error on the details log.

  25. Just wanted to say thanks guys! The game is great, the translation is great, and my work just shut down until April and we get paid! This is a great time to be alive!

  26. Does this work for the PSP version?
    If not, are you guys planning on making one that’s compatible with that version or is it too much work (bugs etc)?

  27. I’m using Windows 10 and have the ED_ZERO.exe for my game.

    The errors I got where:
    > Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – Process Terminated with exit code 3010.
    > Installation failed. Game executable not found.

    But when I start the game seems like it’s patched and turbo is working so the implementation from the patch you guys made seems to have been applied. I’ll see if something happens and reply back to this thread 🙂 I’m just so hyped to play this!

    1. Nevermind, it’s the game itself, so no blemish on Geofront’s great job. You have to have the quartz on your leader for it to work, which is not how I remember it working in any other LoH Trails game.

  28. Is there any way to transfer your old data from the old translation? I have some clear data, so I would like to start with everything I got and experience the new in all its glory without having to worry about levels!!

    1. One more thing, for some reason, the running is really slow. The rest of the dialogue is fine, but everybody moves soooo slow.
      The game looks and sounds good!

  29. Thank you very much for your hard work 🙂
    After playing for few hour I see a lot of love in your works, especially the chest message..

    If you have a new project, please consider opening a patreon so I could support you guys ! 🙂

  30. How am I supposed to get the game? I’ve tried for hours. DLsite won’t let me use my card and I can’t find any other places online that have it. How can nobody else be having this issue?
    One person on reddit said you can still use your card on that site to buy points to buy the game but of course I can’t find that page anywhere on the japanese site even though the button is right there on the english site

    1. I was using Mastercard and it wouldn’t work for me until I got an email from the bank confirming that I wish to make an out-of-country purchase. I confirmed it, and then my card worked. They charged an international transaction fee of 70 cents.

  31. Thanks for making this.

    Anyway, i’m having trouble with combat, specifically selecting which enemy to attack. It’s like the controller (using DS4) and keyboard is holding left and I can’t select the enemy I want to. The only way I can select the enemy I want to attack is if I use the mouse. I have tried multiple controllers.

    1. I had this issue and posted about it, a couple others too. I think it’s something that already existed in the game, doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with the Geofront upgrade, but not sure. Simply rotate the camera in battle and problem solved! It doesn’t like certain angles when trying to select enemies for some reason.

    2. I found that the problem was the mouse was overriding the selection. No matter where you moved the controller, the mouse was centered (invisible) on the monster. Once I moved the mouse off it to the side of the screen, I was able to select by controller as usual.

    1. Because mine looks a lot blurrier than the ones in your videos… I tried changing the settings in options but its sorta bad, compared to Trails in the Sky GOG games.

  32. Hi guys, just made an account to thank everyone involved in the creation of this patch.

    I just finished the game and I have to say the patch was overall fantastic. All the extra features are much appreciated, being able to play with a PS4 controller and actually have the PS4 controllers buttons on the game (and not A, B, X and Y) was a detail I appreciated, turbo was fantastic and all the extra options worked great.
    This was a long wait for me and a lot of people who have been following this project since its early stages, but it was well worth it, as we got something of pro-quality localization, and probably even better than that.
    I played the Sky games before of course, and I did play Cold Steel 1 and 2 before this patch was completed, but I did decide to wait for Cold Steel 3 and actually managed to stay relatively unspoiled about the Crossbell games (besides stuff Cold Steel 2 might’ve spoiled a bit, and of course, I know all the soundtrack at this point). Playing through Zero the last week or so was a fantastic experience, and it’s probably my favorite Kiseki game so far, so again, thank you for this. I’m sure it was a lot of work, but there’s people like me that really, really appreciate that you started and finished this, no matter how long it took.

    The two biggest issues I found through a whole playthrough were basically the enemy selection sometimes going crazy mostly getting stuck in the left, at least when playing with a PS4 controller. This was easily solved by moving the mouse a little bit. Nothing gamebreaking, but a small issue that could sometimes be a bit annoying.

    Second issue is that the game sometimes glitches in a way it doesn’t recognize any of your save files, so you can’t save or load anything. You can easily notice your game glitched by seeing usually some photos inside the games, or boards getting all white (and example would be the board above the Geofront B door or Cecile’s photo in her room in the hospital, or the front of the car that’s always parked in Armorica village). At first this scared the sh*t out of me, but it became a minor issue the moment I understood this was solved by just closing and reopening the game, as save files will be fine after that, and not much progress will be lost even if you didn’t save since auto-saving works pretty frequently.

    There are minor details in the dialogues which I wouldn’t be able to list right now, but they were scarce and never something that stopped a dialogue from being clear (sometimes a spelling error and sometimes a word missing). Nothing big though.

    Again, just wanted to point this out, but as a whole I’m really happy with the final product you delivered, and I couldn’t be happier about actually waiting instead of playing an inferior translation.

    I’ll now start playing Ao, since I believe the translation available should be decent enough, and after that Cold Steel 3.

    Again, thanks. This franchise deserves a lot of love, and no better way to show that love than by doing such a great patch.

    Also, this couldn’t have come up at a better time, since it was a great way to pass my quarantine time because of the COVID-19.

    Congratulations on a fantastic job everyone!

  33. Thank you Geofront Team so dang much! I beat the game as of Monday and was blown away at the quality to which you all produced for being a fan translation. I was so excited to see the PS4 controls as it’s my most commonly used controller besides the Pro. Helped me keep track of what was what. I’ve played through almost all of the Sky arc (the 3rd is… interesting and I haven’t finished it…) and through all of Cold Steel with the exception of IV. This filled in so many damn questions I had about characters and helped with the pieces of world building that I was missing. Also, I would have to say this is my second favorite storyline of the series as a whole. You guys are all amazing!

    There were two issues I had though:
    1. Enemy Selection: During the whole game there was a weird bug where unless I spun my camera around in battle, it either would not let me select the enemies to the left or it would choose the enemy to the left of the screen until I spun the camera around.
    2. Turbo: While in Turbo Mode, in conjunction with my issue above, the screen would wig out and place me in this weird black screen until I moved to choose enemies. Also while in Turbo Mode, I would walk through a door but it would not put me to the next screen with a delay.

    Other than that, there were a few repeated letters and missing words but it did not effect the game or understanding in the slightest.

    I REALLY hope you all eventually work on Ao. I’m playing through the other translation currently but it’s not the same without the Geofront touch to it. I also keep clicking on chests after I opened them, hoping for some of your charm but keep coming up empty handed! 😂

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be following whatever translations you all put out!

  34. So I finished the game after 55 hours of play and a Detective Rank of 3. Great game! Now I’ll continue with Ao No Kiseki. Too bad the quality won’t be as good as this release!

    Thanks for giving me the change to play through this!

  35. Not finished with it yet but what is the best version of trails of azure? I saw some translations but there were a lot of missing voice lines and stuff, so if anyone knows of a version that is the same quality as this Zero translation then please tell me. Thanks

    1. I’m not finished with this game yet either, but I will say, AWESOME JOB so far Geofront team:), also kudos for those links to the dlsite store to buy the game digitally so we can not only support the awesome folks at Falcom, but to have a legal copy of the game:)
      It’s working nicely with Steam Link so I can play it on my TV while on the couch:)

      I will also mention that Trails of Cold Steel IV HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED for North America by Nis America, so this was the perfect time to play Trails from Zero:)

      I wonder if there is an easy way to legally buy Trails to Azure as well, like there was with Trails to Zero, so I can at least use the fan translation for that one before Trails of Cold Steel IV comes out?

  36. I’m using a Japanese PC version of the game (bought legally!), and whilst i’ve only just started it’s working flawlessly so far. Many thanks for your monumental efforts in getting this out to us!

    I started off with Trails in the Sky FC when it came out on PSP a decade or so ago, so to finally get the chance to carry out with the series is fantastic. 😀

  37. Huge thanks for the amazing work Geofront! Well done!

    Now, about the chest messages….

    I am disappointed that my submitted “text” for chest message did not get added into the game even though I submitted pretty early on. Thought it was first come first serve 🙁 it was one of the things I was looking forward to, but alas my chest dream had been crushed.

  38. So to install it, I have to buy the Japanese one on a site and after that I can install this game? It’s my first time doing so, so I ask. And somehow I’m blind to find the link for the game to buy, so I can install the rest, so I can play the game.

  39. I Just finish the game yesterday and I have to say you made a very great job ! I can’ t thank you enough.

    The translation was very good. I just started Ao no kiseki today and there’s a world of difference between both translation. Not that i can complaint. Anybody putting so much hours in a project like that, without being paid, is literally a saint !

    Thanks again guys !

  40. So when I get to the installer and click install I pull up the change file type. There is no file to file to install as far as I can find. I tried searching my files for the VJ009178.part1.exe, Fsetup, ED… and came up with nothing. The person who I asked had installed this and was playing it and said he had ran into a launcher install issue as well but couldn’t remember how he fixed it.

    1. Quoting James over there.
      “– Go into Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove .deploy extension from all files.
      – Run ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0”

  41. Using Windows 7 tried to install the game, but I keep getting: Installation Failed. Additional info: Could not clear temporary directory.
    and I cannot install any of the 4 dependencies… Any ideas?

    1. Please reference the FAQ on the site for details regarding a PSP release.

      The amount of work and re-editing necessary for our patch to work on PSP would end up being a lot more than we bargained for due to the immense character limitations caused by the PSPs resolution and hardware.

      Additionally, we had less than ideal tools to work with for PSP and would require an immense rewrite. Please see this post specifically for more details:

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