Trails from Zero: 100%

Well, we made it. For a while, I wasn’t sure if we would—yet here we are. The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero’s first editing pass has been completed. It’s still a little weird to say. After sinking so much of my life into this project for over two years, it’s numbing to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Putting sentimentality aside for now, I suppose you’re asking what happens now? I’ll try to answer that.

The Plan

From here, we are going to run a proofreading/minor editing pass over the areas in the script that need it. This should take a fraction of the time that it took to edit the script, so worry not. Towards the end of proofreading, the testing phase is planned to start. Truth be told, I’m not 100% sure how long that will take, so Ribose will talk about that below! Either way, things are progressing at a rapid pace.

Testing Phase

Hello, Ribose here! The way testing will work is players will be given access to the patch (obviously), as well as a channel to talk to us with, and the issue tracker to report any and every issue found. The issue tracker also contains a wiki containing all of my technical notes for reference, such as a list of all of the quests (and notable optional interactions within them), the NPCs, the documentation of all debug functions (that we’ve found), and the things people are recommended to test.

Any and all terminology is being synchronized with Kiseki Wiki, such that an inconsistency between what the wiki says and what the game says is also considered a bug. Technical bugs, graphical bugs, scenario script bugs (typos, context, etc), inconsistencies, and anything else reported will be looked into and the team will attempt to fix it. Of course, the testers will be able to see reported issues and be able to talk with us and get feedback. Testing will begin soon and will be by invite. We hope it’ll only be a few months until release!

A Special Thanks

Zerker back. Before anything else, I have to thank our friend, Arvin. He has been an immensely huge help in finishing the first editing pass, and has grown to be an invaluable member of the team. Genuinely, I don’t know if we could have finished it (har, har) without your dedication.


On top of the patch, we also have a few mini-projects in the works—related to Zero, of course! Imagine it as the extra toppings on the pizza. Not necessary, but they’re nice to have! One is planned to be released before the patch, and the other concurrently with Trails from Zero.

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  1. It is so exciting to finally see this at 100%. Can’t wait for the testing phase! You all have done such an amazing job!

    I’ve only ever submitted chest quotes on the one form, but now it’s my hope to actually be able to test the game out when the option becomes available.

    1. Assuming you can’t get hold of the Vita files for whatever reason, try Googling “zero no kiseki evo voice” without quote marks, and check the fifth result down. This applies to all Sky and Crossbell games.

  2. Great to hear the initial editing phase is over! Looking forward to playing this after I finish 3rd (just began playing it today).

    It’s amazing what this team has achieved in what I consider fairly good time by fan localization “standards” (lots of projects never finishing, and many after near a decade).

  3. I’ve been following this project since I beat the trails in the sky trilogy over a year ago. I’m glad that you guys are almost done with this amazing effort. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for this project and your lives after this.

    1. We will compile a more detailed post on acquiring the game, applying the mod, and system requirements, along with screenshots of a first-run experience when things are finalized in that department.

  4. I’ve went and bought Zero no Kiseki from dlsite which was mentioned in the 90% post and am now Geofront ready. One question though, when I start up the game with no patch, is the text supposed to show all garbled up instead of in Japanese? Or do I actually need to set my whole computer’s display language to Japanese?

    1. To play with the unpatched version, it does require Japanese locale. One of the features of the mod will be to support playing with any locale. With the mod, you can even play Japanese text on an English locale system (or any locale system, theoretically). We will compile a more detailed post on acquiring the game, applying the mod, and system requirements, along with screenshots of a first-run experience when things are finalized in that department.

      1. Ah nice. I guess changing my locale is more than just changing the display language. Just to test a few things, would it mess up my computer, or any of my other installed programs if I were to temporarily change my system’s locale, then change it back once I’m done testing it out? Another solution from what I’ve read would be to try a locale emulator or something like that, as for fully playing I will more than likely wait for Geofront so I won’t have to resort to using a locale emulator or changing my locale each time I wish to play it.

        1. Locale emulator works well, and way faster than going in and changing locale to play one game then switching it back.
          But at this point i’d say just wait for the full release~♪

          1. Ok I did some testing with Steam big picture mode. If I try to use Locale emulator, it will NOT run in big picture mode. It will without the locale emulator though with the garbled text. The goal for me is to get it to run properly in Steam big picture mode so I can play it on any TV I want via Steam link and not be stuck at my computer. Hopefully the Geofront patch will remedy that:). I’m just so happy I bought the game and the ability to experience this wonderful story is at hand:)

  5. Awesome job making it this far! I’m really excited to get into the Zero duology after playing CS2. I think some mildly important stuff happens in the overall plot lol

    Hopefully the testing starts soon, especially with CS3 on the horizon.

  6. I also wonder what should the size be for the folder that contains all of the game data? I’m showing a bit over 1.2GB. Was in installed correctly? The game starts fine except for the garbled text that I mentioned above and it also starts fine with 1920 x 1080 resolution as well. I just need to muddle through the setup dialogue to get the controls set where I want them and such.

  7. Welp that settles it, I will wait for the patch until it’s completed!
    I was playing the BETA one and after your last update on how things are I started procrastinating playing it, and now that it’s coming closer.. Yeah I’ll definitely stop and anticipate this!

    Thanks for all the hard work everyone!
    It’s been years but we’re almost there!

    1. Are you aware that sky 3rd has already been translated and ported on PC ?
      I don’t think anyone is going to even try to translate it again for psp.
      Even patching the psp version with the PC translation sounds like a waste of time since the PC version is clearly more polished.

    1. isn’t that vita was evolution version? i’m more interesting its stay as PSP for 3rd. and its cool if there possible way to save import from XSEED Digital only version (NA region) SC game to the JP fan-translated 3rd PSP.

  8. Congratulation to the team on reaching the 100% editing, this month I really do have a ton of games to play and I really need to continue playing SC before this comes out or the testing phase starts XDD

  9. Hello! Thank you all so much for taking your time to complete this project!! I just finished trails in the sky tc and I’m looking forward to the Crossbell arc before Cold Steel 3. I haven’t played the arc before.

    How do you choose for the invite? I would love to test the patch out!

  10. Those technical notes in the tracker sound fascinating. I hope they will be publicly released at some point. I usually run an rpg(dragon quest, final fantasy, trails, etc) in ghidra/ida/x64dbg/emulator debugger a few times and also visit (The Cutting Room Floor) to see cut out gameplay when playing them because I love to learn more about the internals. But my personal attempts are just little voyages, and other then the occasional data table I can post on a forum, it would be a great boon to everybody to have a deep and team based experience on how the game works out there, especially for posterity.

    Regardless if you ever release the technical details and notes, thank you for pursuing the project!

  11. Congratz on 100%! I’ve been following you guys since 20% and I’ve been hoping to play before I get CS3 so I could avoid spoilers. Going to have to use the machine translation of blue though!
    I would love to help in the testing phase if possible! Even though it’s unlikely I’ve gotta try!
    Much love! <3


    Incredible job you guys, really really INCREDIBLE, you brought infinite happiness to me with this.

    Is there anyway we can play this? I’m new here and I already cant wait to test this RIGHT NOW <3

    again, congrats for archieving this amazing feat

  13. I am very excited to see that your at 100% I recently got into the legend of heroes games and have played sky trilogy and I own the cold steel 1 n 2 but im trying to hold out on your version of this game. I have the japanese version of this game for the ppsspp will your update be compatible with that one?

  14. Congratulations! I know tons of people will be happy to experience this great game, and you guys are the best to see this through to 100%. I cant imagine how hard it was and you guys deserve so much praise. Thank you so much.

  15. I just finished the Trails in the sky trilogy, so amazing rich story and characters. So glad you guys are nearly finish this, I would had a hard time skipping the crossbell arc before playin cold steel. Congrats and many thanks !

  16. I played the three games of Trails in the Sky quite recently. I did not know anything about the series before that. And I loved everything about those games, including the fantastic work by XSEED. Then I bought both the first and second games of Trails of Cold Steel, which I have not played yet. (I really hope that the rest of the saga will eventually come to Windows systems as well).

    And now the time for playing an English localized version of the Crossbell arc is finally getting close. You, people working on this, deserve our deepest thanks.

  17. I’m so happy, I’m very glad this is almost done with the highest quality.
    I’d love to volunteer for testing, but with CS3 so close I dont think I’d be able to play both at once. But if its more than a month away, consider me onboard.

    1. For the love of Olivier, play this first. CS3 expects you to know what happened in Zero/Ao, builds on plot threads, characterisation, and worldbuilding from those two games, and also spoils them to an incredible extent. CS3 being localised first was only for financial reasons, and was a terrible idea in every other conceivable way.

      1. I agree don’t play cold steel 3 yet especially because you will be dying to play cold steel 4 and we still don’t know when that will be released my guess sometime next year hopefully!

        1. I survived 6 years between FC and SC.
          I can survive the hopefully no more thana 2 years it’ll take to get CS4, even though the hype and heartbreak will be 3 times as strong.

  18. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you all for your diligent work to bring this game to the English speakers. I stopped my progress in Zero so I can use your superior translations as well as all of the goodies you are adding to it. You guys are amazing.

  19. Can’t wait for this to finally release. I had to stop with the original english fantranslation that is available since it got so bad after the Prologue. The beginning of Chapter 1 was much worse than the entirety of the Prologue in that release. Hopefully the PSP patch comes with the PC patch or before, since that is the only copy I have imported.

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