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  1. Since you talked about hacking with the font renderer: Will you also support the Japanese PC version? Or is this something that you are still experimenting, with no guarantee it will ever work?

    1. The original, translation team focused on the PSP version, so all the work for that version has already been done. Since we want to support both versions, our hacker is polishing the PC version. That includes a very nice looking font (he just sent me a work in progress shot).

      1. Can we see the screenshots? I tried playing the psp patch on an outdated version of the PC game and it’s was working ok aside from when the all the Leftover Korean/Japanese text turns into squares 🙁 graphics look sooooooooo much better (for some reason it feels locked to 30 fps but agn it’s an old version)

    1. If I understand how this will work judging by the previous leaked version. This will not be a patch for the retail game. You will actually download the full game with the changes they made for the translation. So we will get what ever version they are using for the translation, I can hope its the EVO version but judging from the previous leaked version its the original retail version.

        1. No, the PC version is a port of the PSP version.
          Also, let me take this opportunity to correct how the patch will be distributed. What they will release is a means of inserting the English translations into game, either by python scripts or something else. The game will not be provided along with it. It is illegal to distribute games like that.

          1. Thanks for clarifying. I already purchased the PC version of the game. Now that I know it will be a patch I am going to also purchase the Evo version in hopes the patch will work on that too.

          2. NM looks like the only Evo version is the PS Vita, there is no PC EVO version. I found out the PC version is the Chinese version converted to Japanese by Falcom and released in Japan. Its suppose to be the best and latest version. I got mine through Play Asia if anyone else interested.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work. I swear I’ll be crying tears of happiness when I finally get to play Zero (and Ao); and I’m sure a lot of fans feel the same way.

    Again, thank you very much!

  3. This is Awesome News!!
    And not to mention you guys really been consistent with updates!
    Keep up the good work you guys and have a safe journey to college zerker!

  4. Is this game will be patched with evo voice? We all know that evo version from psvita have full voice dialogue, not just in battle but in every scene with the dialogue in it. I just know that ZhenjianYang from github has completed the voice patch from the evo version for psp version, so is it possible?

    1. It is possible. He just needs to know if they’re using the Japanese or Chinese version of the game. As of today, a very specific Chinese version, updated to 1.1, supports the voice patch. If this one is based on the Japanese one, I’ll let him know and we’ll work on making voices compatible.

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