Is there any way that I can donate / contribute to your group?

Although we thank you for your interest, as this is a non-profit fan work, our policy is not to accept any donations or incentives at this time.

If you really wish to donate to this cause, please support the official releases and buy either yourself or a friend a copy of one of the English released copies of the Trails games from either XSEED Games or NIS America. Here are some links:

Additionally, Falcom takes international orders on their online store. Of course, you can buy Zero no Kiseki for PC itself from,, or

….or buy yourself a really awesome Mishy t-shirt from the NIS America store.

Author: omgfloofy

Founder and editor of Endless History. Also a member of the official Extra Life stream team and an active streamer. Beyond Falcom, loves Kanzaka-verse media (Slayers and Lost Universe), Orphen, Area 88, Twin Signal, and the Violinist of Hameln.