From Fantasy to Reality: Our Partnership With NIS America

Artwork by Kyo (@kyotyanehh)

Well, here we are. Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure are being officially localized, and the Geofront has partnered with NIS America to make it happen. We reached an agreement with NIS America and, now, our text—the text you have seen in our localization patches—will serve as the basis for the official releases of the Crossbell duology. Each and every member of our team is thrilled about this opportunity because it’s the culmination of our driving motivation:

To ensure Crossbell gets the localizations it deserves so that people can experience these engaging, touching, wonderful games.

As you may have noticed, our patches for Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure are no longer available on our website. Some might be disappointed by that, but we would enthusiastically request you to support the official releases instead.

We couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds for us and for the Crossbell games. To celebrate that, we thought that we would round up some of the Geofront members (and a special guest) to talk about what this announcement means to them!

Statement from Zerker, Project Lead of Trails from Zero:

When I asked Gu4n if he could use some help on Trails from Zero, I never imagined that we’d make it to this point—to the point where our work is being used to bring Crossbell over officially. It’s funny, really. There were points during Trails from Zero’s first editing pass when I’d dread about the possibility of official localizations being announced out of the blue, dashing our hard work prematurely. I desperately wanted us to be able to finish our work before it reached that point.

And…we did. Somehow—for some reason—everything has worked out. Not just worked out, but worked out in the best possible way. The Geofront was able to release two localization patches that we can be immensely proud of, and we have the opportunity to partner with NIS America to bring these lovely games over officially now. Whenever I sit down and really think about it, I’m speechless. Just absolutely floored.

Thank you, NIS America, for partnering with us. And thank you, Geofront, for being the best, most talented group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to call my friends.

Statement from omgfloofy, Geofront co-founder/ Administrator:

I think I have an apology to make.

By saying, “We won’t sell to anyone, there’s too much red tape,” I was inadvertently lying to everyone—even to myself because, quite frankly, I honestly thought it was that way for sure. That there were too many people involved both with us and before us. To me, this would be a nightmare project to accomplish and realize as a fully licensed release. Who would be willing to go out of their way to not only work with all of us involved with the Geofront, but the previous team that worked on the games, as well?

I mean, I guess I can now say that NIS America absolutely would. And they really delivered—to not only us, but everyone else. I legitimately did not expect this to go the way it has, and everyone with NIS America has blown away my expectations. We’ve been in communication with them—though some of us have not been as active as others (coughlikemyselfcough)—and the team working with the games has been amazingly receptive to everything we’ve done and what we want to discuss with them regarding the games.

Beyond just their willingness to work with us, I was over the moon to see that not only did they keep our titles (which we had very specific reasons as to why we went with “Trails from Zero” and “Trails to Azure”)—but they also kept what was done for our Azure logo, while adopting that style into the Zero logo. (By the way, those logos are amazing!)

I’m so excited that all of this will be able to go out far beyond just the people we’ve reached through our patch. As a result, this means that those of you who have wanted it, but didn’t want to play on PC can finally have the chance to play these wonderful games!

Statement from Guren, Original lead translator of Trails from Zero & Trails to Azure:

Hi, everyone.

As you just read, sometimes what seems impossible can become reality. When all hope is lost and Crossbell seems to be a piece of the Kiseki story you’ll never experience in an official way, NIS America comes knocking at the Geofront’s door and stuff happens. It took a long time for all of the pieces to come together for various reasons; however, now it’s official and you can start waiting for those ETAs. 

Personally, I’d like to thank the old comrades-in-arms who made Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure less obscure and more accessible for people to play, the Geofront, for the amazing job they did using our old work as a base for their much improved versions and for getting in contact with the previous team to discuss these possibilities. And, of course, a very big thank you to NIS America for the nice things to come our way in the future. 

Statement from Ribose, Programmer/Testing Lead of Trails from Zero & Trails to Azure:

“This series set my path in life with its incredible focus on attention to detail. I was led to finding a community—a group of friends and passionate fans. Together, we made two wonders we can be eternally proud of.”

To expand on this message you may have found in Trails to Azure‘s finale, there are few things that have changed my life quite as much as this pair of games. I found the series six years ago now, and I believe I was in just the right place to meet the right people who could make it happen. 

And in December of 2016, we set out with the goal of making these two games be accessible with as high-quality of an overall experience as we could. The team changed and grew just like the projects, but from the outset, we wanted to embrace the best parts of the other English entries in the series. Which to many of us was the passionate teams who “did it right” as opposed to “fast” or “first.” And now it turns out we also won’t be the last.

So, please enjoy these two wonders in ways that we couldn’t have dreamed of.

Statement from Scott, Project Lead of Trails to Azure:

That’s a hard act to follow, isn’t it?

Leading the Geofront’s Trails to Azure was a dream come true, but seeing this partnership come to fruition is something unfathomable. I cried tears of joy the day I read NIS America’s proposal to us. I was overwhelmed at the thought of my name being immortalized in my favorite game of all time…forever.

This experienceit’s something that can’t happen in other mediums. You can be the biggest fan of the first Star Wars film in the world, but you’ll never have your name attached to the original as a director or writer. But it’s possible in localization. The game I fell in love with years ago, the game I surrendered over a year of my life sacrificing my heart and soul to… We will forever be linked. I was the lead editor of the official localization of my favorite game ever, and there are no words to describe how happy or proud that has made me.

Selfishly, I’ve seen usthe Geofrontas the stewards of Crossbell. Trails of Cold Steel III and Trails of Cold Steel IV may feature Crossbell City, but Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure are where its spirit resides. And now, two of the most ambitious unlicensed localizations ever have gone to live with the stars. Today, we grant NIS America the key to the city and take a bow. 

While our time with Crossbell may have come to an end, we know everyone on NIS America’s localization team working on these two games will preserve the love and care we put into them. They have welcomed us with open arms, because, at the end of the day, we aren’t as different as we seem. We all have so much passion for what we do—and it shows. Now, more people around the world will finally get to experience these two masterpieces in English and see the passion that both teams have put into getting Crossbell over the language barrier. 

That is a cause worth celebrating.

So, thank you. Thank you to NIS America for granting us this opportunity, to our friends and family that supported us, and to every fan that believed in us and spread positive word of mouth about our work. We never would have made it this far without you. We sincerely hope you’re as proud of us as we are of you for helping make this possible. And, for one last time…

Please look forward to Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure.

12 Replies to “From Fantasy to Reality: Our Partnership With NIS America

  1. Proud of you guys! The second I saw the leaked logos though this is the absolute first thing I suspected. Very glad it was true and nothing fishy. Can’t wait guys! Happy to buy the game yet again!

  2. Congratulations! It’s glad to see that your work is getting the recognition it deserves! I’m thoroughly enjoying Azure at the moment, which may well also go down as my favourite game of all time- and definitely as my favourite game story of all time! It feels like a culmination of everything the previous four games had been building up to, in the same way that it’s the culimination of all your hard work.

    (I’m also glad that I managed to get it before the patches were taken down, but if anyone’s upset that they missed it, it is well-worth the wait. With the Geofront patch as the official release’s base, it’s guaranteed to be a triumph.)

  3. That is absolutely amazing, you guys! 😀
    I just finished Azure and went on to Cold Steel (finally) and I am immensely thankful for and impressed by your effort. I am glad that NIS America will help further immortalize your work. Thank you for brining one of the most amazing video game experiences in the world to all of us; this would not have happened without you. Today, the Legend of Heroes speak of you.

  4. When I saw the logo for the official release of Azure, I was like “Wait a second, the swoop on that A there… Am I out of my mind, or…”

    Turns out that I am not out of my mind. This is such incredible news. Congratulations, everyone. You all have done SO much for this series, and it’s great to know that you’re all getting the recognition you deserve for it. Even though I already bought a physical copy of Zero from Japan for your patch for that, and *coughcoughcough* patched Azure and am at the first day of Chapter 4 now, I will DEFINITELY be buying these official releases as soon as they materialize, on PC and on Switch too, because damned if this series doesn’t deserve every possible boost to its visibility. I could gush forever over how ecstatic I am at this news, and the future of Trails in the west, but I’ve got work early tomorrow.

    Aidios, Muchachos.

  5. Dear Geofront team, first of all a big congratulations, I can only imagine how happy and proud you must all must feel and that must no doubt a big achievement.
    Now to the point, I have a bitter-sweet taste about it, because if you didn’t get the patch within the time window between releasing it and taking it down, you are no stuck for 2 years of waiting for official localization. There are a lot of fans, ad I am one of them, who are past Sky series and didn’t want to move into Cold Steel without full experience with Cressbell arc in a best quality translation done by the best team ever – the Geofront. Yes, I took a couple of years break from my favorite series after finishing Sky waiting antill you finish translating Zero and Ao. I managed to get Azure v1.0.0, though I’m left with it, cause I didn;t download 1.0.1 in time, but I’m still happily playing it, knowing there are still 4 Cold Steel games ahead of me. If I overslept downloading Azure patch v1.0.0, that would suck 🙂 Now, yes, I know that neither you nor your new partner NISA don’t owe a free tanslation to fans and I’m not making you any regrets. Yes I will surely support you all by buying official version once it’s realesed. But stillin this happily situation there are some that are left with really bad luck when teir hope for playing Crossbell games superbly translated was so much building up, then confirmed and then suddenly burned down if they overslept downloading the patch 🙂 Well that’s business :
    But regardless, most of all I feel a comfort and optimism that the series will move on as tehy should being properly ivested in and the fanbase will grow 🙂 The only little dark cloud of worry onmy horizon is that I really hope after developing for over 20 years an archmasterpiece of plot, in the grand finale, they will not give it a Mass Effect 3 ending 😉
    Cheers to all 🙂


    Hello, after the battle with Arios, it shouls start a video just after the dialogue between the Erebonian soldies, i can ear the sound but the screen is black and i can’t continue. What can i do?

  7. I just read this! Thank you NIS America for making a dream come true! I will definitely be purchasing both of these official releases!

    Geofront team is #1

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