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Running down the stairs with Turbo Mode on
ID: 1118Status: EnteredVersion: 1.0.1Report Date: March 15, 2020Product: Trails from Zero

OS: Windows 10 64 bit
Version: Digital

More info about my PC, if it helps:
Processor: i7-3537U
GPU: GT 740M

Hello. I wasn't sure which category to place this in so I just put it under "Graphical". It's a pretty minor bug, and probably would not cause any crashes whatsoever (For me, it didn't). This issue happened to me just a few mins into the game. Lloyd was contemplating on whether to join the SSS or not. I was running with Turbo Mode at 4x, and this is what happened:

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Normally, after getting close to the end of the stairs, there's some kind of transition happening and Lloyd would be "warped" to the next floor, but it seems to not trigger here. Instead, he continues to run down the stairs till I cannot see him anymore, as seen in that screenshot. It's not really a big deal because Lloyd isn't stuck. I can still control him and move him. If I move him a few steps up the stairs, he's warped to the bottom floor, which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

I tested it a few more times and it seems consistently bugged for 4x Turbo and higher. I didn't encounter this issue at 3x Turbo.

P.S: Thank you all for translating and improving this game. It's amazing.

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    1. A similar issue occurs for me frequently with turbo (x6) when on the roof of the hospital when traveling west from the bridge. On either sides (the barrels or the boxes).

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