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I've been trying to install Trails from Zero for several hours already. I keep getting "Improperly formatted" errors each time I run setup.exe. This is after it tries to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (which I already have).

I'm just looking for some assistance on the matter. Some additional details:

-I downloaded the patch off of the link as all otehrs gave "network error" and wouldn't finish downloading

-I'm using Windows 8.1

-I bought the game digitally off of DLSite (though not sure that matters in my case as I'm just trying to get the launcher itself to work)

I'm just curious on if I'm missing some sort of component or got a setting wrong. I really don't know. I'm not savvy at all in this sort of thing and I'm sure that's showing in spades right now.

If curious I'm @Eliskor on Twitter and I have posted a thread about this there with images attached to show what I'm dealing with. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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      1. OK, I came up with a workaround that works for me:

        – Go into Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove .deploy extension from all files.
        – Run ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0

        That’s it! Running setup.exe in the base folder doesn’t work for me, running ZeroLauncher.application in either the base folder or Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 doesn’t work for me, but running ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 installs perfectly for me. The patch appears to have installed correctly and the game seems to be running fine now.

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